My Interview With Massive Q

Justin WintersContributor IMay 11, 2009

Matt Sforcina is currently in Australian Wrestling Federation under the name Massive Q. With his finishing move the Avalanche, Q has been dominating opponents for years. Q is a former tag team champion and I interviewed him and asked him many different questions about being a wrestler.

1. How did you get into pro wrestling and what attracted you to the idea of it?

Well, there's two questions there.

How I got into Wrestling as a fan was getting Cable TV back in late 96, and thus getting WCW Nitro and a WWF Recap show.

As time went on, I got more of the shows but I was hooked fairly early on by Hogan being a bad guy (and thus 100 percent cooler in my eyes), but the moment that really got me to stick around (more to work out what the hell was going on) seeing Mick Foley's first match in WWF, and Finkel's announcement 'Hailing from Truth Or Consequences New Mexico, formerly known as Cactus Jack, Mankind!". Such a bizarre statement, I had to stick around.

The thing that made me want to become a wrestler, however, was Cactus Jack V Triple H, Street Fight, Royal Rumble 2000. Seeing that match live (not in person, alas, but live on PPV), seeing how those two stole the show and told that story...That was the moment that made me go "I want to do that".

2. When was your first match and what do you remember of it?

My first match was in early 2006. I had just graduated from training, and this was the first show of the new year. I got there, and was told I was wrestling.

I had no gear, no experience, and was totally unprepared. Massive Matt Sforcina fought Super Crimson Mask. I had to wear shorts and a t-shirt, and I remember my entrance, a sort of hybrid Jericho/AJ Styles thing didn't get over and was the source of much amusement to the boys in the back.

And the match was actually ok. Not great, but ok. No-one got hurt, and Crimson Mask got something of a reaction for pinning me with a 2nd rope splash, and after the count he thanked me in the ring which I'll always remember.

3. Out of all the matches you have wrestled so far, which one has been your favorite and why?

Well, it's kinda hard to say since there's a few contenders. The match where I won the tag titles was special, obviously. The loudest reaction I've ever been a part of was in a battle royal where I was the last eliminated, with my loss of the tag titles a very close second (obviously proving I have good chemistry with Max Comic apparently since he was involved both times).

And in one day I fought a 'famous' superheroine and Chewbacca in one match, and then got nailed with a steel chair by Flash Gordon, both of which were pretty cool. However, if you force me to pick just one match, I'd have to go with me vs. Powerhouse Theo at Penrith. We just clicked on every level (we tend to have great matches regardless), and the crowd was there, and the finish was pretty cool.

4. You are currently wrestling for AWF, do you ever think you will get into United States wrestling companies like the WWE or TNA?

Well that's the dream, of course. WWE's Global Domination plan they had a while back (where there'd be a WWE in Europe, in Asia/Oceania etc) was the best shot, but that fell through.

Certainly before I finish I want to tour the USA/Canada at least once, Japan too. AWF actually has a working agreement with Dragon's Gate, but sadly I don't see me getting to tour with them any time soon. But you never know. Certainly before 2010 is over, I intend to wrestle in the States and, hopefully, get a tryout.

5. In AWF, you are a tag team champion with Toxin. Do you prefer to wrestle single matches or tag team matches?

Well sadly were, we just lost the belts a few weeks ago. I'll admit that tag matches are easier, especially since my partner Toxin was a lot smaller and thus the dynamic meant I didn't have to work as hard to get the good reaction. But singles matches, while harder, do offer more possibilities. So tag for my wellbeing, singles for my creativity.

6. Have you suffered any major or minor injuries while wrestling and what were they? Ever injure anyone else?

Thankfully I've avoided major injury. The worst injury I've suffered was a swollen/sore left knee after Theo dropkicked it pretty damm hard up in Brisbane. Flying home the next day with a bad knee in Economy didn't help.

But apart from that, just a bloody nose a few times, a nasty looking bruise on my elbow during the Fat Momma/Chewbacca match, and the minor aches and hand prints you expect. More importantly from my point of view though, so far I've yet to seriously injure anyone beyond handprint bruises. That's the major one, if I get injured, that's bad, but if I injure someone else, that's terrible.

7. In the locker room, you must get the chance to meet alot of other wrestlers, who was the biggest name you've met?

Well it's a tie, in my opinion, between Steve Corino and Bryan Danielson. But I'm biased since Steve used my necklace in a match and Bryan ribbed me.

Depending on who you judge as a bigger name, the answer might also be Austin Aries, CIMA, X-Pac, Al Snow, Chris Masters or Nigel McGuinness. From a pure impartial view, it'd be Raven or Sabu probably. But for me, it's Steve and Bryan.

As you can see, Q has yet to make it to the big time of the WWE, but I expect him to eventually be in the WWE dominating opponents and winning championships. I would like to give a thank you out to Q, and hopefully you'll let me get another interview when your in the big times.