How Miami's New Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Locker Room Will Impact Recruiting

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIAugust 9, 2013

Via Michael Casagrande on Twitter, @ByCasagrande
Via Michael Casagrande on Twitter, @ByCasagrande

Finally, The Rock has come back to Miami.

Well, sort of.

Fans of the football player turned WWE superstar turned movie star will be thrilled to learn the University of Miami has bestowed Dwayne Johnson with a tremendous honor. According to Chip Patterson of, Miami has named its football locker room after the entertainment icon:

Johnson has generously donated to the school's Alumni Center and Football Facilities renovation fund. His giving, which was reportedly the largest donation ever given to Miami's athletic department by a former student, resulted in the renaming of the Hurricanes locker room.

Patterson threw in a tweet from Michael Casagrande of the South Florida Sun Sentinel that provided a picture of Miami's new locker room:

For those wondering why the People's Champ is being honored by the Hurricanes, here's a bit of a history lesson. Although The Rock is arguably most famous for hitting the "Rock Bottom" on unfortunate opponents or for utilizing the most electrifying move in sports entertainment, the "People's Elbow," to get crowds on their feet, Dwayne Johnson was actually a football player for the Hurricanes before all of that.

Johnson was a defensive lineman for Miami and even part of Miami's 1991 national championship team. Most remember names like Gino Torretta, Warren Sapp and Darryl Williams among others, but Rocky was part of that group. With Johnson being most known for his prowess in the WWE, it's easy to forget he started off as a football player.

Now he'll be recognized and honored by Miami naming the locker room after him.

What does this mean for recruiting?

One, the name recognition is great, because even non-WWE fans know who The Rock is thanks to his movie career. Recruits may associate his star power with Miami, and that could give the Hurricanes a leg up in certain tight recruiting races.

It's not as if The Rock will be out with Al Golden and his staff on the recruiting trail, so any impact this has will be from a pure hype standpoint.

Facilities do play a big role in many players' decisions nowadays, so it's the quality of the locker room that matters much more than the name. From what's been shown by guys like Casagrande on Twitter, it looks like Miami's facilities will be able to draw.

Having The Rock associated with it is just a cool aspect of the total package.

Also, think how many times this catchphrase will be used once the pads and practice gear start stinking up:

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