Miami Dolphins: For the Love of the Game

Tara PianaContributor IMay 12, 2009

MIAMI, FL - JANUARY 4:  Running back Ricky Williams #34 of the Miami Dolphins grabs a warm up pass before play against the Baltimore Ravens in an NFL Wildcard Playoff Game at Dolphins Stadium on January 4, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Looking at me, one would not think that I would know much of anything about football. Yes, I am a huge girly-girl, but that does not stop me from being a die-hard Miami Dolphin fan, or a Dol-fan like they call us here in Sunny South Florida.

I grew up in a very sports oriented household. My father is a golf professional not to mention a football fanatic as well. I owe all my NFL knowledge and my love for the game to my dad.

I remember being barely seven years old, sitting next to him watching Dan Marino throw an amazing pass into the end zone. I was the only girl in my fourth grade class who knew who Don Shula and Dan Marino were. I am not going to lie, the little boys were impressed!

Ever since then I have been addicted. To my father and I, August cannot come fast enough but to our neighbors it can. We are not the quietest individuals when it comes to football season; screaming and cursing at the television is definitely a Sunday ritual.

I think having a significant amount of knowledge about football is a great quality to encompass. Even on most dates I go on, football is a main subject that is nearly always brought up and if my date is a Jets or Patriots fan, the first date is usually the last!