WWE Judgement Day: Jack Swagger vs. Christian (c) Preview

Eric ClingersmithContributor IMay 12, 2009

Jack Swagger vs. Christian (c) for the ECW Championship.

I can start off by letting all of you know that Jack Swagger needs to win this match. A Christian win leaves him with a title that he doesn't need, on a brand that he's on to fill the role as "ratings draw" (see: Matt Hardy, Bobby Lashley, CM Punk).

Christian is not set to be on the Sci-fi Network for the long haul, rather as an upper midcard name that will bring the "bastard" of WWE programming (I'm looking at you, ECW) decent ratings.

The feud between these two has seemed forced from Christian's first night back in the WWE when he made fun of Jack Swagger's unfortunate lisp. As the storyline goes, Christian came to ECW to get the big silver belt.

Incidentally, Swagger happened to be the guy holding the hot potato at the time, so they were tossed together. Their matches haven't been terrible, and their promos have actually been pretty decent.

The problem with this program is that as a fan, I see no reason for Christian to want the ECW Title. In all actuality, Christian's ECW debut and subsequent title win is an effort by Creative to make ECW look like the place to be.

They're expecting every mark at the arenas to say something like this: "OMG, Christian choose to go to ECW... ECW rulz!" Sadly, the Internet wrestling community sees it as the following: "Vince hates TNA, and is making one of their top draws fight for the title that nobody cares about".

Prediction: They hotshot this belt every two months, Christian won it last month, so he still has approximately 30 days left with the hunk of silver known as the ECW World Championship. I'll say Christian wins via DQ (Swagger gets caught cheating).

My ideal outcome for this match would be Swagger hitting a German Suplex, but Christian getting his shoulder up right before three, while Swagger's stay on the mat. That ending would make Swagger look strong, while Christian holds the title and looks like a crafty veteran in the process.

Similar Match from a Judgement Day from the past: The 2006 King of the Ring Final had an established star (Booker T) defeat a young up and comer with an amateur wrestling pedigree (Bobby Lashley). Eerily similar circumstances make this the comprable match from the past.

At the end of the day this show needs to stop bringing in midcarders from the two main brands and pushing them to the moon. The best chance ECW has of breaking out of it's mold as the "C" Show would be to push it's homegrown talent over already established talent that are just stopping by.