Why Bray Wyatt Will Be This Generation's Mick Foley

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistAugust 15, 2013


Mick Foley was one of those rare talents who was able to break down barriers and become one of the most respected and beloved members of the wrestling community.

His lack of any kind of physique, his unique in-ring style and smile only a dentist could love helped separate him from the endless list of jacked up bodybuilders that filled WWE.

Foley's success made it possible for wrestlers who did not fit the mold to still have a chance at being a top Superstar, and nobody will benefit more from Foley's contributions than Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt and Foley may be totally different characters, but there are a lot of parallels between the two.



Wyatt and Foley both made big impacts before they even had debut matches with WWE due to their insane-sounding promos.

Foley went the route of a demented psychopath while Wyatt has embraced more of the cult leader persona, but both men have the ability to creep you out with just a few short sentences.

Whether it's Wyatt telling people to follow the buzzards, or Foley telling you to have a nice day in his raspy Mankind voice, there is no denying that these guys have the charisma to pull off these demented characters.

Very few characters have come along that have gripped fans the way Wyatt and Foley are able to do, and once he is fully integrated into the roster, you will see just what kind of potential Wyatt has.



When you think of pro wrestlers you think of guys who have six-pack abs and rockstar-like hair. Wyatt and Foley both go against the grain in just about every way.

Foley was a great worker, but Wyatt is a legitimately impressive athlete, having won a state wrestling championship and a scholarship to play football at Troy University.

When you have the physicality to do what needs to be done, it should not matter what you look like, but that is not the world we live in.

When you do not fit the archetype of a typical wrestler, you have to bring more to the table in other areas, and that is what Wyatt and Foley have managed to do with their looks.

Wyatt could have been another wrestler in tights or a singlet, but the Max Cady look helps him stand out, and it makes him memorable to fans.

Creating this character will allow Wyatt to stand out from the rest of the roster, and that will help him in the long run just like it did Foley.


In-ring style

When you look like a Greek God cut from granite, you have a much better chance of getting over in WWE than someone with equal skill who has a few extra pounds.

Mick Foley did not let those perceptions stop him from being the best wrestler he cold be, and you can rest assured that they will not stop Bray Wyatt either.

Foley took risks and did things nobody else was willing to do in order to stand out. Wyatt doesn't necessarily have to put himself in mortal danger to stand out, but he will have to be more physical than his well-defined coworkers.

If you watch some of Wyatt's work in NXT, you will see that he is more than capable of stepping up and meeting the challenge.



Making your mark in a PG environment

Foley may have bled buckets for the sake of entertainment, but if you really look at his work over the years, you will see that Foley was largely a PG character in WWE.

Foley debuted in WWE before the whole attitude era craze took off, and he managed to keep a pretty PG persona despite being a violent mental patient.

Sure, he was creepy as hell and made little kids want to hide under their bed, but he never resorted to using profanity or dirty expressions to get reactions out of the crowd. He didn't need to, and neither does Bray Wyatt.

Listen to the words Wyatt says. He never says anything that couldn't be said on any PG show, and the fact that he has managed to create as much buzz as he has with a mostly clean gimmick is impressive.

Mick Foley is one of a kind. There is nobody who will ever be able to replicate what he has done for the business, but somebody like Bray Wyatt can benefit from what Foley has done for the business. He can continue to expand on it and make the business as a whole a place where talent is the determining factor in your career and not how cut your physique is.

What do you think? Is Bray Wyatt this generation's Mick Foley, or will he fizzle out before he has a chance to find success?


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