TNA Hardcore Justice: Bully Ray's Championship Mismanaged by Company

Tony Dolemite@tonydolemiteCorrespondent IIIAugust 17, 2013

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

Bully Ray regained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from Chris Sabin at Impact! Wrestling's special edition of Hardcore Justice on Thursday, August 15. Since reinventing himself, Bully Ray has successfully reinvigorated his career, becoming one of the most compelling superstars in the business today.

Bully Ray and the title were made for each other. That being said, it makes sense that Ray was positioned to regain the title from Sabin. He has been one of the few reasons to still continue watching Impact.

As hard as I have tried, I just can't justify TNA putting the belt on Sabin in the first place. Yes, he is talented and more than capable of telling a compelling story inside the ring. On the other hand, because TNA really didn't do anything to make Sabin look like a worthy champion, he came across as a pretender to the throne.

It's a shame really, because Sabin deserved better. With a sufficient enough push, Sabin might have been better off.

Bully Ray deserves better, too. He should have faced a strong champion who would put him over rather than one who came across as weak and out of his league.

This problem is indicative of how TNA does business overall. Fans, especially diehard fans, are finding it extremely difficult to remain loyal to a company that makes decisions without any thought. Was there any real reason to take the belt off of Ray for what amounts to less than a month?

And what happens to Chris Sabin? I doubt that he will regain the title anytime soon, if at all. My biggest fears are that he will fall into obscurity and that his run as champion will become a footnote in wrestling history. Again, another blunder on TNA's part.

The argument could be made that Bully Ray is the perfect choice to be champion at this point in time, especially with Bound for Glory coming up. The buildup between now and then is crucial. The main event has to be the equivalent to the main event of a WrestleMania.

Ray is experienced enough to generate the right kind of heat necessary to earn the fans' hatred and get fans interested in the pay-per view. Ray can still go, which is also important when it comes to facing high-quality opposition the likes of Samoa Joe, Magnus, Austin Aries and maybe perhaps even Chris Sabin.

As champion, Bully Ray can take TNA placesthat is, if they don't get in their own way.

Yeah, right.