Sources: NFL Wants 6- to 8-Game Suspension for Denver Broncos' Von Miller

Mike FreemanNFL National Lead WriterAugust 19, 2013

The NFL wants to suspend Denver Broncos star linebacker Von Miller for six to eight games, several sources confirmed to Bleacher Report. The NFLPA, however, wants the suspension to be four games, according to sources. The NFL declined comment on this matter. 

ESPN's Chris Mortensen was the first to report that the league was considering a six-game suspension. 

The announcement on Miller’s fate could come soon, perhaps as early as Monday. While a suspension is all but certain, the length of the penalty is still being negotiated. 

Miller did not actually fail his latest drug test. Sources say his urine was extremely diluted, though, which is leading the NFL to believe that he attempted to pass the test by drinking excessive amounts of water. What the union is countering with isn’t known at this time.

One source described Miller’s situation as "extremely complicated."

There is precedent for suspending a player for six games if the league believes he has tried to falsify a drug test. Former Bronco D.J. Williams was suspended six games last year under the NFL’s drug testing program after the league said he provided testers with a substance that was not human urine. 

In addition to his controversial drug test, Miller was recently arrested on a traffic-court matter.