Nate Robinson Crosses Up Random People at the Airport

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterAugust 20, 2013

Some people chew gum. Others Candy Crush it on their phones. Everyone has a habit, and Nate Robinson’s is balling. 

The newly minted Denver Nugget was recently seen practicing his moves in a crowded airport terminal, crossing up strangers and dribbling through heavy foot traffic with a basketball.

Robinson posted video of himself faking out random travelers to his Instagram account, which was spotted by Seth Rosenthal of SB Nation (via Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo! Sports).

Like a kid with a favorite toy, Robinson can’t leave his basketball in the bag. It’s his favorite thing, and he’s going to involve as many complete strangers as possible in the fun.

Robinson “splits the defenders,” weaving in between two women—women who have places to be and zero time for these shenanigans. He goes over the top on an elderly man with a briefcase, and he even meets some stiff resistance from one lady, who attempts to pick his pockets near Gate 22. 

“Ooh, she started playin’ defense,” Robinson says, after narrowly avoiding the woman’s scissor-swipe defensive style. This particular woman might've put up stronger resistance than Deron Williams.

This is what the offseason is all about—practice. More importantly, it’s about Robinson doing goofy stuff in public just to entertain himself and make the Internet happy. 

This man is a spreader of joy. Wherever he goes, awesome will happen. Whether it’s signing babies, playing through sickness or dropping extremely quotable nuggets of wisdom, Robinson is always doing something that makes basketball fans smile.

With that said, it won’t be too long until basketball season is here again, and as the Nike slogan says, “Basketball Never Stops.” 

Neither does Nate. Crossing people up is a habit.


On Twitter, waiting for Robinson to posterize a flight attendant.