Roy Hibbert Works out with Tim Duncan, Says Pro-Am Games Filled with 'Scrubs'

Adam Fromal@fromal09National NBA Featured ColumnistAugust 20, 2013

The ascent of Roy Hibbert has continued well into the NBA offseason. 

At the beginning of the 2012-13 regular season, he looked like he was playing basketball with a blindfold on, completely failing to shoot with any semblance of consistency. He improved throughout the year and eventually dominated against the Miami Heat in the postseason, showing off a consistent mid-range jumper that seemed to emerge out of nowhere. 

Now Hibbert is working with Tim Duncan at the San Antonio Spurs' training facilities rather than playing alongside the "scrubs" who supposedly make up the pro-am leagues: 

First of all, "scrubs" may be going a bit too far, especially since quite a few NBA players take part in pro-am games. But when has Hibbert ever been afraid to speak his mind? 

This is also the second offseason in a row that Hibbert has trained with Duncan, and it's clearly had a positive effect on his game. There aren't many better players to learn from than the man known as "The Big Fundamental," and the finesse aspects of Duncan's game would make Hibbert a truly terrifying center. 

He's already rising up the ranks of NBA big men, and that bank shot that Duncan has employed so well over the years would allow him to become so much more than just a defensive monster. You know, because the Indiana Pacers already weren't enough of a threat to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference. 

An offensively improved Hibbert would take so much pressure off Paul George and the rest of the Indiana offense. He'd spread the court more and open up driving lanes for each of his teammates. 

An Indiana-San Antonio clash in the NBA Finals is by no means outside the realistic realm of possibilities. Maybe then we'll get to see the one-on-one battles between the big men that have remained behind the scenes thus far. 

Then again, it's probably a good thing we haven't witnessed any individual contests yet. A game to 21 would be an all-day marathon.