WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis for August 23

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIAugust 21, 2013

via WWE.com
via WWE.com

Another edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown will commence on Aug. 23 at 8:00 p.m. ET on SyFy. Until that time comes, many will likely be left wondering just what lies ahead for the WWE after what has been a momentous and heart-stopping week of wrestling.

For those who care not to wait and wish to know ahead of time, the spoilers for this week's edition of SmackDown can be found below. For those who prefer to watch the action on television without knowledge of what will commence, stop reading now.

Let the spoilers begin.

PWInsider.com provided the spoilers for this week's action, dropping the bombshell that there is a steel cage hanging above the ring. It was later announced that the cage was brought in for a match between Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett.

That alone is enough to grab our attention.


Quick Results

  • Randy Orton cuts a promo and claims that he had no knowledge of Triple H's plan to turn on Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam. Bryan comes out from the back and confronts Orton, demanding a rematch on SmackDown. Orton turns the offer down and attempts an RKO, but Bryan reverses it and sends the champ off running.
  • Wade Barrett requests another shot at Daniel Bryan, and Vickie Guerrero makes it a Steel Cage match.
  • Curtis Axel defeated Cody Rhodes via pinfall after interference from Paul Heyman.
  • Paul Heyman cuts a promo praising Brock Lesnar and claiming CM Punk is lost. Curtis Axel challenges Punk to a match on Monday Night Raw.
  • Dolph Ziggler defeated Big E Langston via pinfall after overcoming interference from AJ Lee.
  • Alberto Del Rio defeated Christian via submission.
  • Rob Van Dam comes out after the match, teaming with Christian to lay out Alberto Del Rio. Christian hits a missile dropkick, RVD goes for Rolling Thunder, and both contenders pose with the World Heavyweight Championship.
  • Big Show and Mark Henry defeated Three Man Band in a handicap match. The Shield call out Big Show and Henry via the TitanTron.
  • Darren Young defeats Antonio Cesaro via pinfall.
  • Daniel Bryan defeats Wade Barrett in a Steel Cage match via a Busaiku Knee Kick. After the match, Randy Orton attacked Bryan.


World Heavyweight Championship Picture Takes Shape

Coming out of SummerSlam, Alberto Del Rio was still holding the World Heavyweight Championship, and the list of contenders was thin. Cody Rhodes had defeated Damien Sandow, but virtually every other viable option was without momentum.

It now appears as if we're headed for a triple threat match at Night of Champions.

Del Rio defeated Christian clean for the second consecutive time, which generally points towards Captain Charisma being out of title contention. Instead, Christian's momentum was saved by attacking Del Rio after he was defeated clean again.

Stop me if you're puzzled, too.

Christian wasn't alone, as Rob Van Dam entered into the action and helped Christian get the better of the man who has cheated them out of victories before. With this being established, we're inclined to believe that we will see a Triple Threat match.

If that's the case, it's both a sign of an absence of contenders and of what should be a memorable match.


What We're Waiting For: Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett, Steel Cage Match

What else would be waiting for?

Daniel Bryan has had a difficult week, losing the WWE championship mere minutes after he won it and falling victim to a vicious beatdown at the hands of The Shield. On this week's edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Bryan will be granted the opportunity to shine against another familiar foe: Wade Barrett.

And the match was held in four sides of steel.

Again, what else would we be waiting for?

Bryan has become the most revered competitor in the WWE over the past few months, while Barrett remains a popular heel. Both men are top-tier in-ring performers, and each will be expected to put on an instant classic.

Reports say they did.

This is a necessary victory for Bryan, who needed a moment of glory to prove he remains strong against the 2013 version of Evolution. More importantly, it sounds like one heck of a match, and that alone makes us want to watch every moment of it.

It doesn't get any better than a Steel Cage match on a weekly television show.