Breaking Down the Best 2015 RB Recruits

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIAugust 21, 2013

Soso Jamabo Via 247Sports
Soso Jamabo Via 247Sports

In regard to 2015 running back recruits, 5-stars Soso Jamabo and Desherrius Flowers are the cream of the crop.

According to the 247Sports Composite rankings, Jamabo and Flowers are the No. 1 and No. 2 running backs in the class respectively, and they both feature a ton of potential.

Right now your focus may be on 2014 recruits like Leonard Fournette, Sony Michel and Dalvin Cookand rightfully sobut let's take a few minutes to break down the best running backs in the 2015 class:


Soso Jamabo, 5-star RB, Plano West High School (Plano, Texas)

Jamabo is 6'2.5'', 200 pounds and he's only a rising junior recruit. That's tremendous size for a running back, and he also runs a 4.55 40 (247Sports). There's a lot to like about Jamabo just from his measurables alone.

For as big as he is, he's a very natural runner. Jamabo has extremely long strides and a fluid running motion. He's patient, waits for his blocks to develop and displays great vision for such a young back. In particular, Jamabo does a great job of setting up the cutback lane, planting his foot and changing direction.

He's shifty, has a nice spin move and definitely has a second-gear once he gets to open space. Jamabo will be good off the edges on stretch plays, and he can also be a factor as a pass-catcher out of the backfield.

Below you get a quick look at some of his abilities. Jamabo is in the slot here, running a quick out to the sideline. The wide receiver on the edge is running a "go" route, to help clear the flat. This is a good cover three beater, because the cornerback is forced to travel upfield with the receiver, and Jamabo has an advantage to the flats against the safety coming down:

Jamabo catches the ball, turns upfield and plants his outside foot to cut in. This is smart, instinctual football because he's using the defender's momentum against him. In the second picture you get a look at a powerful and effective stiff arm.

From there, Jamabo simply outruns two defenders to open space, and he gets a clear path to the end zone the rest of the way.

He took a quick out route and turned it into a touchdown. How did he do it? Agility, natural instincts and fundamentals. 

Texas and Texas A&M are on top of Jamabo's 247Sports interest list.  



Desherrius Flowers, 5-star RB, Vigor High School (Prichard, Ala.) *Alabama Commitment

Flowers is another big back at 6'1'', 212 pounds, and he committed to Alabama in April of 2013. He's going to have a ton of competition ahead of him on the depth chart, but there's no doubting the fact that he's a talented running back.

Flowers is simply a power runner, so he'll fit right in with Alabama. He runs with low pad-level, forward momentum and hits the hole hard. He's a typical north and south runner, meaning that he's going to get upfield in a hurry, and he won't do much dancing around in the backfield. He has that talent, but he's best when he tucks the ball and runs forward.

With that said, Flowers does have the speed to be an edge rusher, and he can be effective catching passes out of the backfield as well. He does have quick footwork and good vision.

In the play below Flowers is getting the hand off to the left. Notice the big hole he has to work with there:

He displays good balance and power by not getting tripped up by this diving tackle at his legs. Many running backs will get tripped up here, but not Flowers:

He gets back on track and upfield. Notice his shoulders are lowered and he's running with a forward lean (running with good pad level): 

Here's a nice point of emphasis. Again, his shoulders are lowered and he makes contact with the defender trying to stop him. The best running backs in the world initiate contact with defenders, and this is what he does here:

Flowers puts on a nice spin move to get that last bit of separation he needs. Notice how the defender smartly tries to rip the ball out, but Flowers is able to pull it back and tuck it in:

From there, he walks into the end zone:

Many running backs would have been down on first contact there. Flowers initiates contact though, shows off a good spin move and creates a touchdown.

If he stays committed through signing day 2015, 'Bama will be getting another great back. 


Note: Scouting and analysis done by writer, via breakdown of film provided on each recruit's respective 247Sports interest list. Screen grabs via their Hudl film.