Will Tom Coughlin Get Fired If New York Giants Don't Make Playoffs in 2013?

BR StudiosFeatured ColumnistAugust 21, 2013

He's one of the most admired coaches in the NFL. Since 2004, he has three first-place finishes in the NFC East. He's 2-0 in Super Bowl appearances, and he possesses a 12-7 overall record in the playoffs. 

Despite this impressive resume, Tom Coughlin's name tends to come up when people talk about coaches in the hot seat. 

The New York Giants have finished 9-7 the last two seasons, and they missed the playoffs last year. How short will Coughlin's leash be if the Giants miss the playoffs in consecutive years? 

Check out the video above, where Mike Freeman, Bleacher Report's lead national NFL writer, has a surprising take on the potential fate of the 66-year-old head coach.

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