Contender for Dean Ambrose and the 4 Questions That Need to Be Answered on Raw

David LevinSenior Writer IIAugust 26, 2013

If rumors are true, the WWE may have finally found someone to challenge Dean Ambrose for the United States Championship. (h/t is reporting that at Night of Champions, Dean Ambrose may put his title on the line against none other than Dolph Ziggler.

While I have stated that wrestlers like CM Punk challenging for the intercontinental title (also rumored for Night of Champions) is a waste and an insult to the former WWE champion, this is a match that makes sense to me.

Ziggler, a former world heavyweight champion, is going nowhere in his feud with Big E Langston and the misfit AJ Lee, and he has fallen far from the chance to face Alberto Del Rio (or anyone for that matter) for the World title.

A spot in the midcard is just what both the company and Ziggler need right now. Most importantly, he could be the one man who can help Ambrose continue to soar as a heel in the company. As a fan of both wrestlers, I think this is a wise move on the part of the WWE and also believe this is a feud that, given the right publicity and push, could be a tremendous match at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

Could we see some movement on this Monday night on Raw? Who knows. There is plenty of attention being given to the Corporation and its cast of characters. There are other storylines as well. Here are four questions that need to be answered on Monday's Raw.


Will Daniel Bryan strike back at Randy Orton?

Of course he will. This is professional wrestling, not the business where performers run and hide in the face of adversity. And Daniel Bryan has faced his share of adversity lately.

Since Randy Orton had the last word on Friday night after Bryan beat Wade Barrett and then was RKO’d by Orton outside the ring, look for Bryan to seek revenge.


Has Wade Barrett become the Corporation’s personal jobber?

I love the idea the WWE has finally found a way for Wade Barrett to become relevant again. Meet Wade Barrett, the new jobber for the Corporation.

Don’t get me wrong here. Listen to me before you pass judgment. The WWE has been looking for the right place for Barrett since he returned to action in September of last year. The big Brit brawler has a place in this new program. Beating opponents down is his specialty. He beat Daniel Bryan right before SummerSlam and has been in a side program with him for the past few weeks. It is entertaining and makes Barrett relevant. His match with Bryan on Friday night proved he can be just as effective as a winner on his own, or doing a job for someone like Orton.



What happens in the CM Punk/Curtis Axel match?

A mixed bag of possibilities here. The one thing is that Punk cannot lose the match, or rather he cannot lose the match cleanly. There will be interference by Paul Heyman, and the idea must be sold that Punk wants the intercontinental title.

Like I stated before (and I took major grief for it), Punk winning the Intercontinental Championship is a step back in my opinion. The company can build this as a way of Punk hurting Heyman even more by taking the title away from one of his clients. But in the end, I am still not buying the angle, regardless if it is rumored as a match at Night of Champions.


Do we see Kane re-emerge on Raw?

Not sure about this one, but we are still waiting.

The WWE did the right thing at SummerSlam by taking Kane out of the picture for a few weeks. Whether he joins the “family” and Bray Wyatt remains to be seen, but you figure it has to happen.

While the jury is still out on Wyatt (I find his character fascinating and his wrestling boring), I believe Kane provides an interesting contrast to make Wyatt’s preaching and devilish aura more believable.