Teenager Reportedly Assaulted Over Home Run Ball at AT&T Park

Doug MeadCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2013

MLB fans absolutely love to go after a baseball that's been launched into the stands, especially when it's a home run. But last Wednesday, one fan took it to the extreme, and a 16-year-old got hurt in the process.

According to Mike Aldax of the San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco police are investigating an incident in which a teenager was assaulted when he went after a ball Boston Red Sox shortstop Stephen Drew hit for a home run into the right field stands at AT&T Park. 

The teenager in question was reportedly tackled by an older fan (at 40-second mark of this video) and had the ball pried away from him, hurting his wrist.

Via the San Francisco Examiner:

Right after the victim took possession of the baseball, the suspect allegedly tackled him from behind, twisted his wrist, then pried the ball away and fled, (Officer Albie) Esparza said.

The police are still searching for the suspect, described as a bald, black man wearing a baseball cap. The teenager was treated at the park for his wrist injury and released. 

The 16-year-old in the video can be seen wearing a Dustin Pedroia jersey, so it's clear he was a Red Sox fan who was going after a cherished souvenir. While scrums are common at ballparks in which fans enthusiastically chase after home run balls, they usually don't end up with assault charges being filed.

Comments on the story are quite varied, with many calling it outrageous behavior by an adult in assaulting a youngster. Others say it's nothing but overzealous fans going overboard, and still others are calling the teenager a crybaby for complaining that a potential souvenir was taken away from him.

Exuberance and excitement at any sporting event is to be expected. But when it leads to a situation like this, adults simply need to grow up.