The Masters Green Jacket for the Tournament's 1st Winner Is Up for Auction

Tristan ThornburghSocial Media StaffAugust 26, 2013

For 42 years, the green jacket awarded to the first winner of the Masters has been in Michael Lackovic's closet. 

"Years fly by," said Lackovic, a mortgage broker in suburban Atlanta, as reported by Dave Kindred of Golf Digest. The jacket was, according to Lackovic, "just hanging in a moldy old closet, not doing anybody any good."

Augusta National Golf Club awarded its first green jacket to Sam Snead in 1949 but retroactively gave jackets to the nine winners of the 12 previous Masters tournaments. Prior to a phone call to Ryan Carey, the owner of Green Jacket Auctions, the jacket awarded to the tournament's 1934 winner, Horton Smith, was thought to have disappeared.

Lackovic and his brother, Tom, kept Smith's jacket after their mother passed away. Their mother's second husband happened to be Renshaw Smith, Horton's brother. When Renshaw died, the jacket was given to the Lackovics, with whom it has remained since 1971.

Through Sept. 7, the jacket will be available to bid on at

Hat tip to CBS Sports and Golf Digest for the find.