Arsenal Transfer Rumours: Breaking Down Trio of Real Madrid Targets

Rob Goldberg@TheRobGoldbergFeatured ColumnistAugust 28, 2013

MADRID, SPAIN - JANUARY 07:  Karim Benzema (L) of Real Madrid celebrates with Mesut Ozil after scoring his third goal and Real's fourth during the La Liga match between Real Madrid and Granada at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on January 7, 2012 in Madrid, Spain.  (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)
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Arsenal are ready to be active in the final week of transfer period, and they have their eyes on a few players from Real Madrid.

While this strategy did not pay off earlier in the summer, Arsene Wenger is hedging his bets this time around by going after three different players that have all been made available, according to John Cross of Mirror Football:

Karim Benzema HAS been offered to Arsenal as part of a sensational shake-up at Real Madrid.

Benzema, Angel Di Maria and Mesut Ozil are all surplus to requirements at Real Madrid as the Spanish giants look to fund both a world-record deal for Spurs' Gareth Bale and a £42million bid for Luis Suarez of Liverpool.

It is understood the Gunners are interested in ALL three Real players.

The club also brought in chief negotiator Richard Law to help complete deals in the coming days, according to Sami Mokbel of the Daily Mail.

While there is interest in each player, it is unlikely they all make their way to North London. Arsenal will have to decide which one would make the best addition to help this season and beyond.

All three are about the same age (24-25) and have similar levels of experience. However, they each provide something different to a roster. Here is a look at the profile of each potential target and which would be the best move to make.


Angel di Maria

It seems as though Di Maria is the most likely to leave after falling down the pecking order at Real Madrid, according to Cyrus Engineer of the Express.

Of course, the same reason he might lose time on his current club is also why he is likely the least appealing of the three players. 

The attacking midfielder is an excellent passer in traffic, helping him total 26 assists in La Liga in his first two seasons with Real. Unfortunately, that number dropped to six last season despite him making 32 appearances.

While he is always a threat to score, he does not consistently look for his own shot and has never scored more than seven in one season.

If he came to Arsenal, he would not provide much more than Theo Walcott already does, and it would not be much of an upgrade. This makes him not worth the £24 million it would cost to bring him in.


Mesut Ozil

Among the three potential targets, Mesut Ozil is easily the best at creating opportunities. He has the vision and passing ability to make everyone around him better on the attack.

This has helped the midfielder finish with double-digit assists in each of his last five league seasons, including three with Real Madrid and two with Werder Bremen in Bundesliga.

Ozil has been even better with the German national team, totaling five goals and 10 assists in eight starts as part of World Cup qualifying.

Another positive note for Arsenal is that he appears to be upset in his current situation. Elliot Bretland of the Daily Mail reported that Ozil stormed off the pitch when he was subbed out in his most recent match. Obviously, this attitude is not encouraged, but the Premier League club wants to target those who want to transfer.

The only negative with this potential move is that it does not solve the biggest problem with Arsenal's attack: finishing. Besides Olivier Giroud, few players are trustworthy around the net. While Ozil can score, he is not elite in this category and might continue Arsenal's trend of wasting opportunities.


Karim Benzema 

Based on style of play, Karim Benzema might be the best fit at Emirates Stadium. The forward is the best scorer of the three players available, totaling 32 goals over the past two seasons with Real.

Additionally, he still has good visionlike both Ozil and Di Mariawhich helped him finish with 11 assists last season.

While Arsenal need depth at midfield, they need upgrades in attack for the long run, and Benzema would be able to provide that.

The biggest problem with a potential deal is that it appears the French player is not looking for one. Jim Daly of Mirror Football reports that Benzema would prefer to stay at Real Madrid despite the possible addition of Gareth Bale.

Obviously, this could change in the coming days as moves are finalised, but it will make any deal tougher to complete.


Who Should They Get?

If Arsenal were only able to add one of these three players, Benzema would represent the best upgrade to the current roster. However, the forward also appears to be the least likely of the three to force a move.

In this case, the Gunners would be more than satisfied completing a deal for Ozil, who would help give the club one of the best midfield lines in the league. He can turn a position struggling to overcome injuries into a strength.

Of course at this point in the summer, any move to help the roster would be well-received by supporters and players alike. The key is to actually sign a deal before some other team comes in and ruins the plans.


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