AJ Lee: The Divas Champion Just Made the Division Relevant Again

David LevinSenior Writer IIAugust 28, 2013


OMG! The WWE is doing its fair share to shock the wrestling universe lately.

Monday night’s “pipe bomb” by AJ Lee showed that the men are not the only ones making huge waves in the company. And because of her actions, the Divas division is now more relevant than ever.

In one three-minute speech, AJ Lee, the woman I call the “Black Widow” of the business, made six Divas look about as insignificant as a Santino Marella title reign.

And she did it effortlessly. I am sure CM Punk was applauding in the back somewhere, as it was shades of Punk when he delivered his infamous speech in June of 2011. This one wasn’t as overwhelmingly direct, but it struck a chord with the women in the ring, the throngs of followers of Total Divas on E! Entertainment and the millions of fans watching Raw on Monday night.

It was another move toward the new “Attitude Era” of the WWE. Now the women of the company are just as vigilant as the men in their approach to matches and getting what they feel they deserve. For some reason, I like it.

While CM Punk is taking Kendo stick shots from Paul Heyman, and Randy Orton is cleaning up the mess The Shield made with Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee put it out there, was right on point and, to be honest, truthful about a great many things.

And right about now, as we watch and re-watch the comments she made about each “interchangeable” wrestler in the ring at that moment, we get the sense that there was real conviction in her voice and comments. We also sense that things have just picked up for women in the WWE for the first time in a great while. The women of the company seem just as important as Trish, Lita, Sunny, Sable and Stacy Keibler once were.

Pipe bombs usually have an impact on shows, promotions and the industry. In the span of eight days, the WWE was completely turned on its ear with a new champion, new feuds, a great path toward Night of Champions and now a Diva who turned every woman in the ring and outside the ring at that moment into little girls looking for their Barbie Dolls.

What a great angle. What a great way to make an impact and, once again, what a way for the WWE to shock us all.

The WWE is in a good place right now, and it's only going to get better. Randy Orton makes it better. Daniel Bryan makes it better. The Shield makes it better. And now, through a few words, a quiet crowd and a six-pack of women who were stunned in their shoes, a Divas Champion took the bull by the horns Monday night and turned her own division upside down.