Fantasy Football Team Names: Hilarious Monikers for Upcoming 2013 Season

Mike HoagCorrespondent IIAugust 28, 2013

LOUISVILLE - JULY 30:   Mr. 'T' is interviewed as he attends Tyson Vs. Williams fight held at Freedom Hall  July 30, 2004 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Photo by Brian Tietz/Getty Images)
Brian Tietz/Getty Images

What good is winning a fantasy football trophy if the team name inscribed on it doesn’t live up to your dominance? We’re talking about winning here. Get it together—you don’t have a lot of time left.

Unless you’d rather go a whole season talking smack with a name like “Steve’s Team,” it’s time to do some creative thinking.

So let’s get creative.

To make the right team name, you’ve got to have a perfect mix of pop culture, relevant NFL news and inside jokes with your friends. However you end up doing it, make sure it’s punny and don’t be blatantly offensive.

Here’s a couple you can consider in case your creative juices don’t start flowing before opening day.


That’s What Snee Said

Oh, that’s what she said is still a thing? Lucky for you, it is.

Offensive linemen may not get a lot of attention, but their names provide plenty of opportunities for quality fantasy team names. New York Giants guard Chris Snee’s name is too perfect not to find a way to get into the discussion.

“I will never, ever call Eli [Manning] an athlete.”

That’s what Snee said!


Teach Me How to Doug Free

It might be getting old, but it’s not going away. How better to celebrate a victory than by sending a celebratory dance video synced with one of the biggest trends of the past few years to the loser?

Dallas Cowboys fans and Jerry Jones might think Doug Free is amazing (h/t ESPN Dallas’ Calvin Watkins), but you’ll be even better freestyling your way to a trophy in style with this punny name.


Weeden Start the Fire

This is my team’s name from last year and it’s just too good to give up. I may or may not have been the first to use it, but I won’t be the last.

Brandon Weeden is on the verge of sparking a fire underneath the Cleveland Browns’ dormant offense, but was it always burning since the wheels have been turning? Like your fantasy team, the Browns appear to be on the rise. What better way to mark the occasion than by drawing on a popular classic for inspiration?

He's also a ginger, so there's another burning connection there, too.


I Pitta the Fool

You can’t go wrong by crafting your team name by mixing in a pop icon like Mr. T and a defending Super Bowl champion. Pity the fool is probably one of the most iconic phrases of our generation, and you’ll have plenty of pity to dish out as you roll through the competition this season.

Dennis Pitta is a beast of a man at 6’4” and 245 pounds. At that size, he’s not the biggest tight end in the league, but he towers over Laurence Tureaud’s 6’1”, 225-pound frame (per

Unfortunately, Pitta is out for the season, but don’t pity him. Instead, guide your 2013 fantasy squad to a championship in his honor.