Ohio State Football: Maybe It's Not a Good Idea to Anger Urban Meyer

Andrew CoppensContributor IAugust 31, 2013

College Football world, don't mess with Urban Meyer!
College Football world, don't mess with Urban Meyer!Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Urban Meyer has never been one to shy away from the spotlight or controversy, and after an offseason of unwanted (or unwarranted, depending on your viewpoint) attention, Meyer kicked it up a notch on Saturday when he decided to open the game with two straight two-point conversions en route to a 40-20 win over the Buffalo Bulls.

Call it pent-up frustration, call it making a statement. Whatever you want to call it, Meyer certainly will be scrutinized for those decisions, to say the least.

Especially on the first touchdown of the season. Rather than going out there and kicking the extra point, Meyer and his special teams coach decided to throw a little fake extra point at the college football world. 8-0 Ohio State in the 1st quarter. 

Then, just two minutes and 45 seconds later, Ohio State found itself in the end zone once again. It appeared the rout was already on, but Meyer and the Buckeyes wanted to make extra sure the college football world heard their statement loud and clear. 

Yes, you guessed it. The Buckeyes went for two once again, converting and going up 16-0. 

As if the Bulls shouldn't have been insulted enough, the second two-point conversion was run in by none other than Jordan Hall. 

Message sent—Stay down Bulls, or we'll bury you. 

Except that's not exactly how things went as Buffalo started playing some defensive football and awoke on offense, trimming the lead to as little as 10 points at 20-10 and 30-20, respectively, although the game was never really in doubt.

Nothing says thumbing your nose at the college football world like opening up your season with some trickerartion, right?

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