Vancouver Canucks Need Big Changes

Jordan AndrewsCorrespondent IApril 13, 2008

After a disapointing regular-season finish, a lot of questions need to be asked in the Canucks' camp. Will we resign Markus Naslund? Will the Sedin twins stay in Vancouver? Will Luongo be able to carry a team almost single handly to a cup? 

Nonis needs to address the Naslund situation, and I think that the best solution is to just get rid of Naslund. He isn't a good leader for this team, and will be captain if he returns. He is getting paid way too much for the the amount of points he's getting. He's making roughly one million dollars for every 10 points he gets.

I can see the twins being traded for a star player such as Rick Nash, or a star player of that caliber. It would do a lot better to have one elite forward than 2 good second-line players playing on the first line.

As for Luongo, I don't think there is any question that he must stay. However, he needs someone to score on the other end of the ice. Vacnouver shouldn't be so dependent on defense, even if they have arguably the best goalie in the league. They should get rid of Ohlund and get a speedy center who can win faceoffs and put a couple in the net too.  

That's my opinion anyways, hope you enjoyed.