NFL Teams Get 'Game of Thrones' Treatment with Team Sigil Wallpaper

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 4, 2013

Image Credit: DJroomba's Minus Page
Image Credit: DJroomba's Minus Page

Brace yourselvesthe NFL is coming. 

Reddit continues its legacy of delivering all things awesome with a post from whats_hot_DJroomba. The uploader put together an amazing array of wallpaper finished just in time to start the NFL season. 

You can view every last team given the Game of Thrones treatment at DJroomba's Minus page

Here are just a few of our favorites.


The Detroit Lions

We might as well start with wallpaper that touches ever so gracefully upon the plot of George R.R. Martin's voluminous series that has become a major hit on HBO. 

Let's just hope things fare better for the Lions than they do the Starks. After last season on GoT, I immediately felt bad for James Starks, Randy Starks or anyone with the name Starks. 


Green Bay Packers 

Simple and profound. Again, we have to wonder if this reference is far too close to something from the North for the Packers' own good. 


Cleveland Browns

This is just hilarious. 

There isn't a more Browns motto than this one, and even the mascot looks depressed before the season even begins. Someone needs a hug. 


Oakland Raiders

I struggled in deciding whom to associate the Raiders with. Are they House Lannister, forever the plight of the league? Perhaps they are more House Targaryen, a growing power that will envelop the NFL in time. 

I say they are the White Walkers, a looming threat that never really shows up. 


New York Jets

This is included simply because it made us think of this: 

We can now go back to forgetting all about the Jets for the remainder of the season. 


Again, we encourage you to peruse the full collection of some amazing wallpapers that will go quite well on that screen of yours. 

Soon, living rooms across the nation will feature empty beer cans, plates with scant leftovers of grilled delicacies and a television that only features football. 

Your computer and smart phone might as well get in on the act with sigils of NFL teams. With that, we give the last word in honor of our favorite and most loquacious character from the best series on TV. 



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