Kolo Toure Offers to Change His Name After Fan Gets It Wrong on Tattoo

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterSeptember 6, 2013

Kolo Touro
Kolo Touro

A few days ago, we brought you the story that a fan had managed to get himself a tattoo in tribute to Liverpool and Ivory Coast defender Kolo Toure and subsequently got his name wrong.

We'd love to say it was an easy mistake to make, but when you're doing something as permanent as inking yourself—and you only have nine letters to get right—you should probably not be making a spelling error.

All of this leaves the tattooed gentleman with three options:

  1. Live with it
  2. Have it removed
  3. Have Toure change his name so that you were in fact right all along

Remarkably, it looks as if No. 3 might be the way forward, because the fan (Dom Pearson) has been contacted by Toure himself on Twitter.

"@JoshKillner: Can't believe @domjpearson made The Metro with his 'Kolo Touro' tattoo. #lad http://t.co/BJkggXENwf" I will change my name

— Kolo Toure (@KoloKolotoure28) September 5, 2013

@domjpearson I want to meet you. Touro on my shirt?

— Kolo Toure (@KoloKolotoure28) September 5, 2013

We're not sure whether this is entirely what social media was invented for, but it's in its own, strange way, a heartwarming tale about second chances and the endless philanthropy of wealthy footballers.

What we certainly wouldn't recommend is getting a misspelt tattoo of your favourite player in the hope that he will call you up on Twitter; set up a meeting and change his name. 

Frankly, we'll hold judgement on how serious Toure is being until we see his new name on the back of his Liverpool shirt. We've produced this artist's mock-up to see whether he could get used to the idea.