All-Time College Football Team: Safety

Tim CroleySenior Analyst IApril 14, 2008

By now the voting is well under way for the "All-Time Greatest College Football Team: Head Coach," so I thought I'd move on to the next position to fill.

I know everyone will probably go crazy over the QB position, so I have decided to leave that position for last, and work my way back to it.
So let’s talk safeties: free safeties and strong safeties.
Who’s the best college football safety of all time?
This position may not be the most popular.

You may not recognize the names Martin Bayless or Al Brosky as well as Chris Weinke or Doug Flutie, but these guys are some of the best athletes you'll ever see.

So cast your vote below for the two safeties you consider the best ever to fill the spots for free and strong safety.