Start Giving Rashad Evans Some Respect Before Granny Goes Off on You

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IMay 16, 2009

This is my version of a public service announcement.

A warning, if you will, that this old woman has had enough of this BS during the sixties and cannot take it any longer in this "modern" day and age.

During the time that I was in high school and college, there was a very ugly atmosphere of open racism.

I lived through it once and was very privileged to have fine friends "of color."

Suddenly it has dawned on me, as I hearken back to the days of my youth, that the same racist views are present now, just as way back then.

There was this boxer named Cassius Clay who folks called a "draft dodger" because he didn't believe in going to war to kill people.

He was what people considered as "uppity" even before he changed his name to Muhammad Ali.

Now he is revered for his talent, but back in those days he was targeted for derision and verbal abuse.

A man who spoke in rhyme and danced around his opponents as he fought them, Ali was the butt of a lot of jokes, but his performance in the ring defied all his detractors.

And now in the year 2009, I have noticed that Rashad Evans is being accused of being a "trash talker" and a "showboat" for the way he performs in the ring.

Haven't we progressed since the sixties?

Why does this make my stomach roll and tie up in knots when people question the current Light Heavyweight Champion of the World, Rashad Evans, and show him zero respect?

What in hell is going on in MMA?

There are fighters of all colors and nationalities fighting in this sport, just as there are in every other sport. It is no longer an oddity--there is a world renowned black golfer, for heaven's sakes.

When the good old boys at the country club are seeing a black man playing on the pro circuit and not along as another man's caddy, you would think it is time to move on, not try to turn back the clock some forty years.

Those were not the good times; these are, or should be.

What other MMA champion title holder can you name who is as criticized as Rashad Evans?

I like Sugar's attitude. He is cheerful and intelligent, very well spoken and always dresses fashionably.

There is nothing about him that I can find to dislike.

If he should lose his title, which I truly hope he won't, it will be ironic that he will lose to a man that most MMA fans have not wanted to see at the top of the ladder "because his style of fighting is so boring."

How much can people hate Rashad that they would choose a boring fighter to replace him at the top?

Yes, I am aware that Lyoto Machida is Anderson Silva's best friend and Anderson's own choice for the LHW title position.

I like Anderson too.

As a matter of fact, I like the Dragon even though I do think his fighting style is what is dragging; he seems like a very talented guy.

Drinking urine turns me off much less than learning that Patrick Cote prefers to eat horse meat and the fact that I have protested against US horses being shipped to Canada for slaughter for human consumption for many years.

(Incidentally, anyone out there who wants to inform me that GSP also eats horse meat, you can just save your breath. I have my fingers in my ears and am not, la, la).

When the fight rolls around on Saturday, assuming I make it through my surgery and anesthesia, I will be cheering on Rashad Evans and Matt Serra, two of my favorite non-Canadian fighters.

Anyone not down with that and unable to show my guys some respect, had better just shut up and hide.

I would hate to pull any stitches while teaching you pups to have better manners!