WWE Night of Champions 2013 Predictions: Results That Will Please Fans

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 12, 2013

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

Go ahead and slide to the edge of your seat; WWE is set to thrill fans at Night of Champions 2013.

The 3MB fan club isn't likely to go home happy, but expect plenty of crowd-pleasing outcomes at the upcoming event.

The perfect pay-per-view leaves the audience just unfulfilled enough with its narrative that fans long to tune in next time to see how things play out, but it satisfies them enough to have them glad that they purchased the event.

Night of Champions appears ready to do both.

There are sure to be finishes that leave us unsatiated, building stories into Battleground and beyond. The following outcomes are sure to leave the Detroit crowd and fans at home pumped.


A New World Heavyweight Champion

Get your arms loose and prepare to do Rob Van Dam's trademark pointing gesture along with the folks who will fill up Joe Louis Arena: Van Dam is set to end Alberto Del Rio's reign.

The story of Van Dam winning the world title at this late stage in his career, punctuating his return with gold, is too good to pass up.

Despite his talents, Del Rio hasn't been appreciated by a good chunk of the audience. Too many tweets like the following one from @WrestlingSubtitle are floating around.

Compare that to the explosive reactions Van Dam has garnered since coming back to the WWE, and it's clear who a large number of fans want to see win.

Expect a well-worked match from two men with a penchant for stiff kicks and creative counters, followed by Ricardo Rodriguez celebrating with Van Dam. Whether his reign is short-lived or not, Van Dam winning the world title would be a thrilling moment.


The Arrival of Wrath

CM Punk has been hunting Paul Heyman for months now. His former friend and advocate has played the rat skittering under the floorboards and escaping trouble time and time again.

Punk will finally get his revenge at Night of Champions.

Heyman will pay for betraying his friend, for bashing his head on a ladder and breaking a kendo stick over his back. He'll likely have one last trick to avoid his comeuppance, but the smart money is on this story to end on Sunday.

It's time for Punk's cathartic payback to play out in front of the world.

This story doesn't have the legs to go beyond Night of Champions.

It's been paced well up to this point and certainly feels ready for the climax. Curtis Axel will do everything he can to fend off an enraged Punk, but this is Punk's time. "The Best in the World" has lost to Undertaker and Brock Lesnar in recent pay-per-view bouts, but he gets a big win here.

For WWE to go in any other direction, for Heyman and Axel to somehow avoid their punishment once more, would only irk the fans. It's time to send them home happy with a bit of violent retribution.


A Rivalry Expanded

Fans rooting for Daniel Bryan to win back the WWE Championship aren't going to like how Night of Champions ends.

This story has received so much airtime and so much hype, it can't end so early. Darth Vader can't die in the first Star Wars; Randy Orton has to keep Bryan at bay to maximize the drama of this story.

WWE is going to make us wait to see Bryan triumph.

That main event match against Orton will still please fans, though. With the inaugural Battleground pay-per-view coming on Oct. 6, expect this to go from a story about Bryan overcoming a regime to one of revolution.

Triple H has The Shield, Orton and a reluctant Big Show on his side.

Expect chaos at Night of Champions as some of those foes make life difficult for Bryan. He's not likely to stay alone in this fight, though.

Triple H's tyrannical reign has seen Cody Rhodes get fired, Dolph Ziggler get punished and Big Show get pushed around. This Sunday is going to have a feud turn into a war as some of WWE's good guys start fighting back regardless of Triple H's threats.

It may not be the ending Bryan's biggest fans want, but the excitement of the possibilities ahead will more than make up for that, leaving the audience hungry for what comes next.