B/R Turns into the WWE, Ch. 20: Judgment Day

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IMay 17, 2009

Jax: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the day of reckoning Judgment Day coming to you live from Rosemont, Illinois Allstate Arena.

Tony: We have an action packed evening for you here tonight.
Scores will be settled and new feuds created.

(C. #2) We certainly do have a few surprises.
(Jeff) So let’s begin the night with the return of Sulayman!
(Sulayman makes his way down to the ring being applauded by the fans)
Sulayman: I’m back!
Now I have an open challenge to the locker room.
To prove that I still have it even after my injury tonight’s match will be a Last Man Standing Match!
Now who will answer this challenge?
(Terrell Johnson comes down to the ring)
Terrell: Since you’re a newcomer to Raw I need to teach you a few things.

First you’re the lowest on the Raw list so don’t expect any title matches anytime soon, those are all mine.

Second your about to be out again except this time your going to be out indefinitely!

Sulayman: Terrell, Terrell, Terrell.
Last time I checked you weren’t exactly top dog on Raw. And what makes you think you’re actually good enough to take me out of action.
If anyone will be out, will be leaving tonight on a stretcher or accompanied by the medics it’ll be you!

Terrell: Well let’s find out!

Bell sounds match begins.

Both men lock up. Sulayman pushing him back into the corner.  Gives him an elbow to the face. Terrell falls on the ground. Sulayman exits the ring trying to get a chair.
Referee is counting. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Terrell starting to get up.

Sulayman getting back into the ring with the chair.
Terrell is up and Sulayman ready to hit him, but he ducks.
Gets back up behind him, he gives him a kick to the mid section and takes the chair from his arms and whacks him on the head with it.
Now waits and watches the referee counting, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,

Sulayman gets to his feet. Once again Terrell hits him on the head with the chair.
Now goes outside the ring and grabs the steel steps. He throws them into the ring. Gets in to the ring, looking to get Sulayman.
He lifts him up only to have Sulayman give him a low blow. Now in a regular match he would’ve been DQ for that, but here it’s all legal.
Now Sulayman gives Terrell a face crusher with his face hitting the steel steps. Referee starts counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Terrell just getting up. Sulayman goes and gets a mic.

Sulayman: Guys it’s time!
(Giorgi Dolidze & Ben Sampson come running out)

(Sulayman) Everyone, meet the soon to be most dominant group in the WWE, Royalty Judgment! Now, boys get him.
Sulayman goes to get a ladder while they hold him.
Here comes Adam Testa to perhaps help Terrell Johnson.
Giorgi lets go of Terrell and goes after Testa.

Testa attempts to clothesline him, but Giorgi ducks under and trips him.
Now Giorgi takes him and throws him from the ring area. Meanwhile, Terrell still being held by Ben as Sulayman gets in the ring with a ladder.
Now he brings Terrell to the top of the ladder. Starts choking him. Now lifts him while still choking and he drops him from the top of the ladder.  Referee starts the count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, it’s over.

(Announcer) Here is your winner, Sulayman!

(Jeff) Well welcome to Judgment Day everyone it looks like the scales have begun to tilt.
(Jeff) Can you believe this?
(C. #2) How will this group affect the Raw locker room?
(Jeff) Well, we will find out soon.
Sulayman, Giorgi, and Ben all turned heel. Adam & Terrell have both turned face.

Jax: Well I guess Sulayman kept his word.

Tony : What’s this?

The Enemy fills the stadium as Celeste makes her way down to the announcers table.

Celeste: Gentlemen.

Jeff Gorman: What an unexpected pleasure; Special interest in this next match Miss Winchester?

Celeste: You could say that.

Announcer: This next match is a 4 man ladder match and is for the Hardcore Championship.

This match is a non disqualification match.
The only way to win is by climbing a ladder to grab the hardcore title.

Introducing Rashad August, Sting, Daniel Sumrall and from parts unknown Anonymous Guy

Rashad Daniel and Sting enter the ring quickly.
Drowning pools Tear Away fills the stadium as the lights go out.
The crowd goes crazy as the tall dark figure makes his way to the ring.

(Bell Ring)

All four men are eyeing each other off suspiciously, with malice on their minds.

Rashad wastes no time and unloads a barrage of punches on

Daniel with an Irish whip throws Rashad into the corner and follows it up with a knee press.

Anon and Sting are face to face Anon quickly throws Sting is trash talking, Anon throws Sting into the ropes and delivers a mighty dropkick that catches Sting’s face.

Daniel rolls out of the ring and gets a ladder he slides it into the ring and climbs in after it .

Anon goes for a low slide kick but Daniel moves out of the way and Anon slides out of the ring Daniel quickly get the ladder up he starts to climb.

Sting is up after him he catches him and delivers a mighty atomic drop from the top.

Rashad see his chance climbs the ladder and delivers a corkscrew moonsault onto Sting.

All three men are down Anon slides another ladder into the ring he gets it set up and begins his climb to the top, Rashad pushes the ladder over and Anon is airborne out of the ring and crashes through one of the announcers table.

Rashad from the top rope with an elbow drop but Anon moves out of harms way and Rashad connects with the hard cold unforgiving concrete.

Anon grabs a step ladder and drives it into to Rashad’s face.

Sting now sends Daniel into the ropes and delivers a mighty clothes line he drags Daniel over to one of the ladders and lays him out as he begins pressing him in it.

The crowd excitingly and sadistically begins to count to ten as Sting  presses him over and over again.

Anon now back in the ring grabs a ladder and slam it straight into Stings lower back.

He sets the ladder up and climbs it quickly to retrieve the Hardcore Title.

(Bell Ring)

Announcer: Your winner and new Hardcore champion Anon.
Tear away fills the stadium

Celeste with a self content smile on her face leaves the stadium as she passes Anon she shoots him a knowing glance.

Jax: My God I can’t believe my eyes that match was one of the most blood thirsty I have ever seen in all my time here at wrestling.

Tony: I wonder what that was that look was about.

Jeff Gorman: Well gentlemen, my guess is that we have just entered a new era of extreme wrestling.

Were over to the SmackDown commentators

(Xavier) Good evening ladies and gentlemen! We are live in HD as Judgment Day has arrived! Tonight, Smackdown's main event will feature AkD defending the WWE Title against Sterling Eby and Jay Rob!

(RA) This is a triple threat match for the United States Championship! Introducing first, the "Hitman" Kevin Canny!

Crowd gives a mixed reaction as he walks out looking confident.

(RA) And his first opponent, Dan Telek!

A big face pop for Telek.

(RA) And finally, Dub Sizzle!

A lot of heat but there are some "Rip his head off" chants.
The bell rings and we are under way.
The match starts as Canny and Telek look to double team on Sizzle.
Telek goes for a clothesline, but Sizzle picks him up and nails a sidewalk slam and Telek is down on the mat.

Canny looks shocked until Sizzle knocks Canny down with a running big boot. Both men are down as Sizzle looks furious in the ring.

Sizzle then picks up Kevin and goes for another big boot, but Canny reverses and somehow rolls up Sizzle for the pinfall.

He only gets a two count as Sizzle gets back up and looks worse than before. He slowly turns his head towards Canny, but Dan hits him from behind with an elbow and tosses Sizzle outside of the ring.

As Sizzle is regrouping, Telek and Canny look at each other and hit individual suicide dives on to Sizzle.

All three men are down as the referee starts the ten count. As he is at 5, all three men are up and Sizzle is manhandling Canny and Telek. Head butt to Telek and Samoan drop on to Canny. Sizzle celebrates and rolls both men in the ring.

As soon as Sizzle enters the ring, Canny is up and hits Sizzle with a clothesline, but he did not move.
Canny looks confused until Telek gets up and they both pick up Sizzle and drop him down hard on the mat. Sizzle is down as Telek hits a lionsault and Canny is holding Sizzle in the Sharpshooter.

Sizzle is in serious pain as Telek watches, but after a few seconds, Telek pushes Canny and hits a leg drop on to Sizzle. Both Canny and Telek are up and they are arguing as Sizzle quietly rolls out of the ring.

Now Telek kicks Canny and hits the Supernova. He goes for the pin, but Sizzle comes in and breaks it right in time as Telek looks mad. Telek and Sizzle look at each other as Telek quickly goes for an enziguri on to Sizzle and it has no effect on him. Sizzle pushes Telek out of the ring and picks up Kevin Canny and hits him with the Demon Driver. He gets the three count as Dub Sizzle is the United States Champion.

(RA) Here is your winner and new United States Champion, Dub Sizzle!
The crowd is heavily booing Sizzle as he walks out with the belt.

Camera Backstage.

(Chip) You think we are ready Daris?
(Brown) Look, do you want to be a winner or what? I've got this and we are going to shock the world on Friday.
They walk out.

General Manager of SmackDown, DJ Rallo walks in the ring with a microphone and gets a standing ovation.

(Rallo) Ladies and gentlemen, I have a huge announcement that will shock the foundation of this business itself. I have promised a big acquisition and I promise you will not regret it. He is the future of SmackDown and the model of sports entertainment. Please join my in welcoming the newest member of SmackDown, Josh Swell!

Crowd is on their feet as Josh Swell walks in with a microphone as DJ shakes his hand and leaves the ring. He hands Swell the microphone.

(Swell) The future is here!
Everyone is on their feet and it is hard to hear Swell

(Swell) Thanks guys. I'd like to address a few things right now that will shake up the foundation of SmackDown. First of all, I would like to say that I will be the WWE Champion as soon as I get my first opportunity and that will be this Friday on SmackDown!
Crowd goes ballistic

(Swell) But there is someone I would like to call out. I've been watching this program for a while and noticed some masked guy coming out of nowhere and taking out AkD, Sterling Eby, and others. I'm challenging you to a one on one contest tonight, so get your ass out here and be a man!

After several seconds ? Comes up on the titantron. He is masked.
(?) (Maniacal laugh) Retribution Swell. We need not to settle this like children.

Swell looks confused.

(?) (Maniacal laugh) We need to settle this like men.
The lights go out and the masked man is behind Swell. As Swell turns around, ? Kicks him in the midsection and connects The Antidote (Death Valley Driver). Swell is down as the lights go out and when they come back,? is not there.

Jax: I wonder who is behind that mask,

Tony: I have no idea but he gives me the chills.
We have the ECW Championship match next and here we go.

Announcer: The next match is for the ECW Championship and is scheduled for one fall, introducing the current ECW Champion Tony Arnoldine and the challenger Michael Scanion.

(Bell Ring)

Both men circling each other and they lock Tony wasting no time with a headlock and a quick take down Michael reverses it into an arm lock and goes for a quick roll up 1… kick out.

Both men to their feet Tony throws Michael into the ropes and delivers a snap suplex and delivers a kick to his head.

He moves in for the pin 1…2. Shoulder up.

Both men to their feet Tony with an Irish whip Michael reverses it and throws Tony into the corner he follows it up quickly with a skip kick and delivers a set of shoulder barges the referee breaks it up.

Both men in center ring Tony throws Michael he goes for a power slam but Michael delivers a hip throw and takes Tony down.
He goes for the pin 1…2 kick out.

Both men quickly to their feet they lock Michael throwing Tony into the corner Tony quickly blocks he climbs to the top rope. 

Michael is up after him he lock it in and delivers a superplex from the top rope both men come crashing down  neither one able to move the referee begins his count 1…2…3…4… Michael crawls over to Tony and goes for the pin 1...2 kick out.

Michael back to his feet goes to the top rope and delivers a huge elbow drop that connects.

He goes for the pin 1...2…shoulder up.

The frustration is written all over Michael's face, what does he have to do to get the pin?

Both men to their feet Tony gets Michael into a head lock but Michael throws him off into the ropes  he delivers a  swinging neck breaker and goes for the pin 1…2…3

It’s over

(Bell Ring)

Announcer: Your winner and the new ECW Champion Michael Scanion.

Jax:  What a dynamic quick paced match, I can’t believe it Scanion did it. He won the championship.

Tony: Well he sure had to work for it.


(Jeff) Welcome back to Judgment Day everyone. It is time for one of tonight’s most anticipated matches, Ray Bogusz Vs Connor Green.

(C. #2) That’s right. Well Connor is a rookie to the WWE, but he’s already made an impact on Raw.
Ray Bogusz is one of the biggest names in the business. Tonight Connor will try to make a name for himself by defeating Ray.
(Connor makes his way down)

(Ray comes to the ring with an amazing reaction from the crowd)
Bell sounds match begins. Connor locks up with Ray. Connor over-powers Ray and pushes him into the corner. Runs right at him only to get elbowed.
Ray climbs right up to the rope. He jumps off the rope only to have Connor catch him in mid-air and slam him. Connor now locks in a Cross Face on Ray.
Ray trying to resist the urge to tap. Connor finally decides to break the hold. Connor goes to the top rope. Looking for a flying elbow. He hits it perfectly on Ray. Goes for the cover, 1, 2, Ray kicks out.

Connor circling around Ray in the ring. Perhaps he is frustrated. Steps outside the ring to get a steel chair. He brings it into the ring, only to have the referee take it away right away. Connor starts arguing with the referee.  Ray takes advantage of this by giving Connor a cheap shot. Now takes him and gives him big DDT. Ray covers,  1, 2, Connor just rolls the shoulder.  Ray now waiting their pacing himself and thinking.
 He turns around only to have Connor hit a perfectly placed dropkick. Connor covers, 1, 2, Ray still holding on their. Connor gets up and just waits for Ray to get up. He does and

Connor hits his finisher, the Green Mist. It’s over, 1, 2, out of nowhere Ray’s shoulder comes up.

You can see Connor is not happy about that. Connor goes back outside and gets that steel chair again. He gets in the ring with the chair.

The referee telling him to get rid of it, but he’s not listening. Ray gets up and Connor nails him with the chair. Connor gets DQed. Connor keeps on hitting Ray.

Connor heads back outside the ring. He gets the steps and throws them into the ring. He puts Ray on top of the steps and gets the other steps. He brings them into the ring too and starts hitting Ray with them. He gets a mic and is going to speak.

(Connor) You may have won the match, but I won the war. Never show your face on Raw again, or else I’ll do this all over again!
(Jeff) Looks like Connor was taking out all that built up anger inside.
(C. #2) I can’t believe Connor told Ray not to show up on Raw! Takes gut to say something like that!

(RA) This match is a Stretcher Match which means that the only way you can win is by crossing the finish line (end of the entrance ramp) with your opponent on the stretcher. Introducing first, M!
Heavy heat to M as he walks out yelling at fans.

(RA) And his opponent, Ron Johnson!
Fans go crazy as Johnson comes out with a baseball bat.
The bell rings and we are under way.
The match starts as Ron is about to hit M with the Stretcher but M reverses by hitting a clothesline and starts stomping on Ron.
After a series of stomps, M picks up Ron and throws him on the outside of the ring and he looks under the ring for a weapon. M finds a street sign and hits Ron with it and continues stomping on him.
Now Ron looks in serious pain as M picks him up and looks to throw him into the steel post, but Ron reverses and tosses M into it. M's arm is now bleeding as Ron hits him with a low blow and an elbow drop on the outside.
Ron then goes and looks for a weapon under the ring and finds some gasoline.
He takes the gasoline and throws it in the ring and picks up M, but M reverses when he picks him up and nails a neckbreaker on to Ron. Ron is in pain as M goes under the ring and finds some matches and throws them into the ring.
Ron is now up as he hits DDT on to M, picks him up, and tosses him on the stretcher.
M is now on the stretcher as Ron goes into the ring and gets the gasoline. He opens the container and tosses it on to M. M is still down as Ron grabs the pack of matches and gets out of the ring. As soon as he is out of the ring, M gets up and tosses Ron into the ring after a low blow and M follows.
M then pours some gasoline on to Ron and is about to get a match, but Ron gets out of the ring as M follows. Both are covered in gasoline fighting on the outside. After a series of punches and kicks, Ron hits an Omega Bomb on to M and throws him on to the stretcher. He straps M up and pushes him right next to the finish line, but before he crosses it, he has something in his pocket.
Ron takes a match out and lights it. Ron throws the ignited match and throws it on to M. He burst into flames as Ron kicks the ignited stretcher past the finish line. Ron wins the match as medics come to put out the flames on M.
(RA) Here is your winner, Ron Johnson!
The crowd goes wild as he slowly walks to the back as he is bleeding a lot throughout his body.

Jax: Talk about setting judgment, Did you see that?
We still have some more action packed matches so stay tuned


Tony:  And we are back

Announcer: The next match is a tag team match and is scheduled for one fall introducing the Tag team of Kevin and Tyler Williams and the challengers the tag team of Jabot and Clifford.

(Bell Ring)

Tyler and jabot start things off both men circling each other and they lock.

Tyler quickly with a head lock but jabot throws him into the ropes then delivers a snap suplex and goes for a quick pin 1... Shoulders up.

Both back to their feet Jabot now with an Irish whip into the ropes and deliver a huge side slam he goes for the pin but Kevin rushes in with a kick to the head and breaks it up.

Tag made Kevin the legal man in throws jabot into the corner both

Tyler and Kevin deliver a barrage of punches and kicks isolating him from Cliff.
The referee breaks it up

Kevin with an Irish whip into the ropes Jabot comes out with a high knee to Kevin’s face and he goes for the tag.

Tag made Clifford the legal man in.

Clifford now with a barrage of punches and high elbows throws Kevin into the ropes and follows it up with a vicious clothes line. He goes for the pin 1…2… kick out.

Both men to their feet now they lock.
Kevin now with some deafening chops across Clifford’s chest he throws him into the ropes and delivers a DDT.

He goes for the count 1…2…3
It’s over

(Bell Ring)

Announcer: Your winners the tag team of Kevin and Tyler Williams.

(Jeff) Well it’s time for the match we have all been waiting for
(C. #2) it’s time for that big steel cage to come on down.
(Jeff) It’s time for two superstars to step in there and the one that comes out first will be the winner.
(Ryan enters electrifying the crowd)
(Shane enters to a crowd who is just against him tonight)
(The Cage lowers and Shane starts trash talking Ryan)
Cage down and locked as the match begins. Shane pointing at the door and you can hear him saying “No way out!” With that they lock up.  Ryan turns it into the sleeper. Shane breaks it. Shane gives him a low drop kick. Shane covers, 1, an easy kick out by Ryan.

Shane brings Ryan to his feet. He lifts him up and throws him right at the cage.
Now he starts the climb out of the cage. Ryan getting to his feet. He sees Shane climbing so he gets over there right away and pulls him down. Ryan covers him, 1, 2, Shane rolls the shoulder. Ryan goes to the top rope. He’s going for a moonsault, but Shane gets out of the way. Shane goes for the cover, 1, 2, Ryan not giving up on himself (rolls shoulder).

Shane now goes to get his championship belt(which he left inside the cage on purpose). Now he’s waiting for Ryan to get up and as he does Shane runs right into him with the belt.
He goes for the cover, 1, 2, Ryan really showing his desire for the title as he rolls the shoulder. Shane now takes Ryan sits him down beside the cage door and runs right into him.
With that the door is open. Shane not looking to escape though. He puts Ryan leg in the doors way and slams door on it.

Ryan in serious pain. Shane pulls him back to the middle of the ring, he covers, 1, 2, miraculously Ryan still rolls the shoulder. Shane looks at the open door, but then looks back at Ryan.

He’s thinking what to do. He decides he going to take the easy way out and starts approaching the door.

Just as Shane starts walking Ryan trips him. Ryan now gets up and gets a chain. He goes to the door and wraps the chain around in an attempt to get rid of the easiest exit.
When he turns around Shane gives him a big cheap shot. Covers, 1, 2, Ryan rolls the shoulder. Shane lifts him up. But in mid-air Ryan switches it into his finisher the Hell Raiser.

The crowd cheers their brains out! Ryan quickly gets climbing and he’s almost on the other side as Shane is just now coming to. Shane hurries to Ryan but it’s to late as Ryan jumps down and wins!

(Announcer) Here is your winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Ryan Michael!

(Jeff) Shane’s reign as the champ is over. We have a new leader here on Raw!

(Joe Burgett comes out) Impressive victory. I would like to inform you though that you are about to have your first title defense now as I am using my rematch clause.
Pay attention ladies and gentleman to what is about to be the WWE’s shortest title reign.
(Jeff) Oh my, looks like we have another World title match.
Joe and Ryan get a few minutes to prepare and the match begins. Joe and Ryan lock up.
Joe easily over powers him and throws him to the mat. Ryan is still hurting from the match before. Ryan gets up and Joe sets him up for his finisher, the Saving Grace. And he hits it perfectly! He covers 1, 2, 3.

(Announcer) Here is your winner and new World Heavyweight Champion, Joe Burgett.
(C. #2) So it does turn out to be the shortest title reign in history.
(Jeff) What was that? 2 minutes, maybe 3.
(Joe) Well was I wrong.
(As Joe is celebrating JLB comes from the crowd with a steel chair)
Joe turns around and feels the power of Jason Le Blanc as he violently hits Joe on the head. Jason now picks up the belt and a mic.
(JLB) You are looking at your champion to be Jason Le Blanc. And if anyone gets in my way I'll do to you what I did to Burgett!
(Jeff) Wow! Looks like Raw has just become the show to watch!
(C. #2) Remember both Ryan and Shane still have rematches against the champion.
(Jeff) And how will Joe react to this attack from JLB? You have to tune into Monday Night Raw for that answer.

Jax : This is the final match of the evening

(RA) This is a triple threat match and it is for the WWE Championship! Introducing first, the challenger being accompanied by Christi Lott, Sterling Eby!

Eby and Lott come out to huge amount of heat.

(RA) And the next challenger, Jay Rob the Legacy Kid!
Huge ovation for him as he walks out.

(RA) And lastly, the WWE Champion, AkD!!!

AkD comes out to the biggest pop of the night.
They are all in the ring as the referee holds up the bell as this main event is under way.
We start as Sterling quickly rolls out of the ring so AkD and Jay stare at him and AkD all of the sudden hits a suplex on to Jay as he goes back to looking at Eby. Eby looks frightened as AkD comes to the outside of the ring.

He goes towards Eby, but Lott jumps in the way and starts yelling at AkD, but AkD will not hit her (You are a face man, sorry). All of the sudden, Jay Rob launches himself outside of the ring from the top turnbuckle on to Eby as he hits him with a cross body. Those two men are down as AkD picks up Eby and throws him into the ring.
Now AkD is dominating Eby after a few punches and then a German suplex on to Eby as he is down, but as AkD turns around, Jay Rob hits a missile dropkick on to AkD from the top turnbuckle and goes for the pinfall. Two count as Eby breaks the pin and he and Rob go at each other.

Eby goes for an Irish whip, but when Jay comes back he hits a spinning wheel kick on to Eby. He goes for the pin, but Eby kicks out at one. Jay picks up Eby but AkD comes from behind and goes for a German suplex but Jay is able to reverse it with a leg sweep. Jay caters the fans for a second, but Sterling tosses Jay outside of the ring and is holding a camel clutch on to AkD.

AkD is struggling to break free, but he manages to get to the ropes. As he gets up, Eby tries to hit him with a running elbow smash, but AkD tosses Sterling into the turnbuckle. AkD goes for the (10 Punches thing) to Sterling, but at eight, Eby kicks AkD down as he goes to the top rope only to be knocked down by Jay Rob on the outside.
Eby falls on to the outside of the ring and Jay Rob is on the top turnbuckle, he is about to jump, but AkD pounces to the top turnbuckle and hits a superplex on to Jay just like last week. Both men are down and AkD goes for the pin.

Before the ref can count, Christi Lott climbs on the apron and the referee is distracted as Sterling Eby comes in the ring on the other side with brass knuckles and hits AkD with them and throws the knuckles outside of the ring.

Eby goes for the pinfall on AkD, but Jay Rob breaks it and hits a kick to Eby and then attempts the Whisper in the Winds, but misses as Eby just gets away. Eby then rolls up Jay but only gets a two count. He looks pissed until he turns around and AkD is there. Out of nowhere, he hits the Paydirt and goes for the pinfall. He gets the three count.

(RA) Here is your winner and still WWE Champion, AkD!

The crowd goes wild as AkD looks exhausted and he is about to leave the ring until the lights go out.
(?) Well good luck my friend...(Maniacal laugh)

When the lights come back, the masked man is in the ring behind AkD and attempts to hit him with the Antidote, but AkD reverses and they start brawling. AkD is about to go for the Paydirt, but he reverses and out of nowhere, Josh Swell comes to the ring and takes down the masked man.

Both AkD and Swell double team him until the lights go out again.
(?) See you next time...(Maniacal laugh)

When the lights come back he is not there as Swell and AkD look at each other. That concludes Judgment Day.

(Cain) Ladies and gentleman we thank you for tuning in to Judgment Day. Don’t forget to watch Raw, ECW, and SmackDown for the explosive reactions to tonight’s blockbuster pay-per-view.


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