Pau Gasol Shaves His Beard for First Time in 9 Years, Captures It All on Camera

Jake Silver@@jakeofsilverSocial Media StaffSeptember 12, 2013

Pau Gasol has had his ups and downs in the NBA, but for the past nine years, one thing has remained constant—his beard.

The four-time All-Star put an end to that Thursday, shaving the entirety of his iconic ruff to help promote the Gasol Foundation, which carries a mission statement declaring it serves to "[empower] young people to live healthier lives."

The bet Pau refers to is in reference to a wager he and his brother Marc made over the summer. Each brother was to lead a team of young students to engage in healthy activities. The team deemed to have lived the healthier summer would be the winner. The Gasol in charge of the losing team would shave his beard.

As you can see, Pau is a man of his word.

Here's a final look at the before and after: