WWE Night of Champions 2013: Paul Heyman Will Align Himself with the Corporation

Mike SalvatoreCorrespondent IIISeptember 13, 2013

At Night of Champions, it appears that CM Punk is primed to finally get his hands on Paul Heyman and exact months of pent up aggression against his former best friend.

In fact, Punk has gone so far as to guarantee he will give Heyman the beating of his life.

All the cards have fallen into place, after months of beatings and chasing Heyman, it seems logical that Punk gets his revenge on Heyman and Curtis Axel before moving on to another feud; right?

Not so fast my friends.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the handicap match between Punk and Heyman/Axel will just be the tipping point to something greater, as I fully expect Heyman to align himself with the Triple H Corporate Machine (Trademark Pending).

Let’s look at the facts leading up to this match and you can see why the writing is on the wall for this latest swerve.

Perhaps the most obvious part of the Corporate storyline has been Punk’s noticeable absence. Now I understand why that has been the case—the WWE wants to establish Daniel Bryan as the lone wolf wanting to take down the corporate juggernaut. The fans need time to see Bryan fly on his own to really appreciate his struggle.

If there is one man who knows what it’s like to rebel against the machine, it’s CM Punk. He wrote the book on a very similar storyline I’m sure most of you remember from a little over two years ago.

Something else to consider heading into their match is that Brad Maddox booked this match, and Triple H gave his official approval and authority on it as well. Both Maddox, and to a much greater extent, Triple H, are playing heels right now.

It seems odd, even if you have to suspend disbelief considering Hunter and Heyman’s recent past, that a heel authority figure would put a heel at risk/at a disadvantage.

Triple H even said during their conversation a few weeks back that he respects Heyman’s ability to get out of tricky situations, and that he would win no matter the outcome.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I smell a rat here.

Lastly, I want to hark back to Punk’s guarantee that he would beat Heyman to a pulp. In general, it’s very rare for a wrestler to tell the audience to buy the PPV, yet that is what Punk told the world a few short weeks ago.

Now I’m not sure what the incentive was to make that statement, because fans will buy the event to watch Punk gets his hands on Heyman, but what if something else were to happen?

Imagine those people who were sold on Punk’s gurantee and bought the PPV expecting Punk to finally give Heyman the beating he deserved. Now imagine their disappointment when Punk finally has Heyman alone in the ring, but the Shield comes racing down and triple powerbomb Punk and allow Heyman to get the pinfall.

The heat on all of those involved would be through the roof, and it would give Triple H’s group another evil genius into the fold.

Axel would benefit from continuing to be involved in main event storylines while having mouthpieces around him to do the heavy lifting.

Punk would still be involved with Heyman, but now their story would have even more layers.

Believe me, Punk will get involved with this angle sooner rather than later. Bryan is going to need allies, and there is no one in the business better than Punk, and the easiest way to get him involved, is to give him a reason.

Believe me, it’s what’s best for business.