Philadelphia Traffic Reporter Claims Eagles Are Going to 'Win the Cup'

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterSeptember 16, 2013

Image via @BrianPHickey
Image via @BrianPHickey

“We're going to win the cup! Because SPORTS!”

Philadelphia Eagles fans are itching. They sense blood in the water. Despite a disappointing last-second loss to the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, the Philly faithful know they have a scary football team in their town this year.

That being said, some Eagles fans are becoming a shade excitable. Some fans think LeSean McCoy and the boys are good enough to strap on skates and become NHL champions.

And by “some fans,” I mean Fox reporter Kacie McDonnell.

Philadelphia's finest traffic reporter was interviewing a crowd of pumped-up Eagles fans before Sunday's game when she made a bold prediction—that Michael Vick and company are going to “win the cup.” 

The strange prophecy was spun into a wonderful Vine by @BrianPHickey, which was picked up by Busted Coverage’s Joe Student.

Some of you might remember McDonnell as the ex-girlfriend of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder, but Philadelphians likely know her as the local Fox traffic reporter who could cause a multi-car pileup by walking out for coffee.

Indeed, it could finally be the Eagles’ big year, guys—although McDonnell didn’t specify what kind of cup the team would be winning.

Are we talking about Lord Stanley? Perhaps World Cup honors? Whatever it is, I like to think it’s at least gold-plated.

All jokes aside, my sympathy is with McDonnell on this occasion. Unscripted, live events are fickle beasts, and it feels as though the sports world has been chucking curveballs at McDonnell for a while now in Philadelphia.

So there’s your proof—McDonnell is usually on-point, or at least as on-point as you can be when you’re being mobbed by Philadelphia’s super fans and mascots.


Grab a football and join me on Twitter—we’re going to win the gold.