The Best Images from Derrick Rose's 2013 Offseason

Haddon Anderson@HaddonAndersonAnalyst ISeptember 18, 2013

Photo courtesy of Derrick Rose's official Facebook page.
Photo courtesy of Derrick Rose's official Facebook page.

Derrick Rose did not play a single minute last season for the Chicago Bulls, but that does not mean people lack knowledge of his talents across the globe.

His images from the 2013 NBA offseason exclaim this.

Rose travelled to a bevy of places throughout the world while touring with Adidas. These settings created some striking photos of the soon-to-be 25-year-old.

Rose's best pictures from the summer months are featured here. Which one is the most riveting? Comical? Perplexing?


Europe Tour

Rose spent a considerable time in Europe, visiting Milan, Belgrade, Zagreb, London, Paris and Madrid.

Some of the highlights included some quality time with youngsters. Props to D-Rose for engaging these young ballers in a way they'll never forget. 

Rose also had time in Europe to...

...hoist jumpers... 

...see the sights...

...and even play some table tennis. Rose is such a big deal that he gets his name and picture on the paddle.

This tour is ample evidence that Rose is cherished overseas. The NBA brand is expanding, and D-Rose is a prominent reason for this.


D-Rose Jump Store

One common happening throughout Rose's travels was the jump store.

Confused about the jump store? Watch the video below. Be sure to at least applaud the woman's effort at 1:10.

How do you think you would perform in this? The pressure is on with Rose watching.

This guy's hops are stellar.

Eh. Maybe in a few years, little tyke.

D-Rose and the jump store even made their way to Beijing.

The jump store was full of creativity, and we can only wish it'll come to a store near us. 


Asia Tour

Rose also ventured to various parts of Asia, compiling an assortment of captivating and mind-boggling images.

Here is Rose in Hangzhou, launching a long-range ball in a rather perplexing venue. Who thinks of these settings?

Just don't fall in, D-Rose.

Here is a sumo wrestler poised to guard D-Rose. 

In perhaps the most bizarre scene from Rose's summer, we witness him taking on Japanese samurai. What on earth? 

They can't take him in hoops, but Rose probably had his hands full in table tennis.


Closing Gem

We close with a heartwarming one. Rose's love for his mother has always been evident. Remember his 2011 MVP speech?

It has been an offseason of excitement for Rose, and the best news is that he appears healthy and happy.

The thrills should continue as Rose hits the NBA hardwood for the first time since April 2012. NBA fans should be buzzing about this. The league is regaining one of its marquee figures.