Timberwolves Owner Glen Taylor Confirms Rick Adelman to Return as Head Coach

Zach Buckley@@ZachBuckleyNBANational NBA Featured ColumnistSeptember 16, 2013

The Minnesota Timberwolves have positioned themselves for a wildly successful 2013-14 this offseason.

Veteran scorer Kevin Martin joined the fold. So, too, did perimeter stopper Corey Brewer. Rookie Shabazz Muhammad brought another scoring touch to the wing, while fellow 2013 class member Gorgui Dieng arrived as a budding rim protector.

But even with all the talent brought in, the Timberwolves' season still hung on the return of two prominent pieces.

The first, big man Nikola Pekovic, finalized a five-year, $60 million contract in August. The 6'11" bruiser handles the booming thunder role, while rising stars Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love supply the lightning strikes.

The second, head coach Rick Adelman, was more of a question mark. While his return was expected, nothing was certain. He missed 11 games last season while his wife underwent treatment for seizures, and reportedly entered the offseason considering resigning from his post, via NBA.com's Scott Howard-Cooper.

But that question has now been answered, as Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor confirmed to Sid Hartman of the Star Tribune that Adelman will return for the 2013-14 season.

"Yes, he did [say he's coming back]," Taylor said.

Adelman, whose head coaching career started with the Portland Trail Blazers in 1988-89, has some unfinished business in Minnesota. The Timberwolves have entered each of the last two seasons with lofty expectations, but each campaign has been derailed by injuries.

Playoff hopes are at their highest, given the roster improvements and a (so far) clean bill of health for all of the prominent players.

Adelman's resume suggests he's the right man to help the Timberwolves maximize the oozing potential of this team. 

The important thing for now, though, is the simple fact that his glowing resume is going to continue to grow next season.