Auburn Ranked No. 1 by a Computer Used in BCS Rankings

Jeff Bell@@JrayBellCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2013

Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn
Auburn head coach Gus MalzahnKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Auburn Tigers have started the 2013 season 3-0, which is apparently cause for a No. 1 ranking according to The Colley's Bias Free Matrix Ratings. is reporting that the Tigers strong start also has the team ranked third in the Massey ratings, another computer ranking system that factors in to the BCS.

Four other major polls, the AP, Sagarin, Coaches and Billingsley, all have Auburn at No. 33 or lower.

Often times the Colley Matrix will be left out of early BCS projections because of the unique rankings it tends to churn out in the first part of the season. The system also has Central Florida ranked seventh, Navy ranked ninth, and Texas A&M all the way down at 37th in the country.

According to its website, the computer poll measures "only on results from the field, without any influence from opinion, past performance, tradition or any other bias factor." Margin of victory is also excluded in the criteria, which would explain why Auburn's close shaves against Washington State and Mississippi State were not counted against it.

Given that criteria, however, it may still seem odd that Auburn is ranked ahead of several other teams, namely Alabama, that have notched impressive early season victories.

Oklahoma, Alabama, Oregon and Washington round out the Top Five of the Colley Matrix, which will likely take on a much different form as the season progresses. The poll does not release preseason rankings.

The complete BCS standings aren't released until October 13, and by then, Auburn will have faced both LSU and Ole Miss, with Texas A&M right around the corner.