The 15 Most WTF Moments in Sports

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistSeptember 18, 2013

The 15 Most WTF Moments in Sports

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    While we seem to get a ton of jaw-dropping plays and unbelievable moments nearly every single day, there are only a few that can really cause you to turn to your buddy and ask, "WTF?"

    They seem to happen just when you truly feel like everything is just going status quo, holding true to what is supposed to happen. Then suddenly, BOOM! Something magical happens.

    Some can be funny. Some can be frustrating. And others may just be downright confusing.

    That's why I'm putting together this list, to remind all of us fans that sometimes sports can be crazier than even we think.

This Hail Mary

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    There have been more memorable and meaningful Hail Mary passes in football, but this one thrown by former Washington Huskies quarterback Isaiah Stanback—now a converted NFL tight end—is one that should have had your eyes wide and your jaw dropped.

    The play might be eight years old already, but, come on: That ball might still be sailing through the air after traveling over 70 yards.

    What a cannon by Stanback.

Robert Coello's Pitch

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    When a major league pitcher has a ball that opponents actually refer to as the "WTF? pitch," it's pretty clear-cut as to why he's made this list.

    In the case of Angels pitcher Robert Coello, he's lucky enough to not only have a pitch that's effective enough to consistently get batters out, but one that is so nasty that no one can even name the thing properly.

    Coello is just 2-2 with a 4.02 ERA this season, but his 22 K's in 15.2 innings pitched is evidence that this thing is pretty brutal to try and hit.

Andrew Bynum's Hairstyles

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    Don't lie.

    When you saw former Sixers and current Cavs big man Andrew Bynum show up on the bench, at practice and in a coffee shop with hair that looks like it should be in a Tim Burton movie, you were probably a little perplexed.

    Yeah, me too.

    While Bynum received a ton of different reactions (generally negative ones), I'll give him credit for continuing to rock the homeless guy look—as long as he's healthy enough to play for my Cavaliers.

Vince Carter's Dunk Over 7-Footer

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    It's not that Vince Carter dunked over another human being—we've seen that plenty of times in various dunk contests and street-ball competitions—but that he did it over a seven-footer (Frederic Weis) in the Olympics, later winning a gold medal for his country in the 2000 Games.

    The French media actually dubbed the slam, "le dunk de la mort."

    Translation: The Dunk of Death.

    Yeah, I'd say it was something no one really saw coming.

FOX Ticker Thinking Everyone's Last Name Is Griffin

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    I understand that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is a big star who has become the talk of the NFL—especially as he recovers from a torn ACL suffered just nine months ago.

    But can't we all agree that FOX took it a little too far during Week 2 of the season, when they had every single player on the ticker having the last name "Griffin"?

    Dude might have been last year's Offensive Rookie of the Year, but I'm not sure even he could rack up all those yards for nearly every team in the league.

Dad Dropping Daugher for a Foul Ball

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    So you think you're ready to be a Dad, huh?

    You know it's full of responsibility and sacrifice, right? One that takes a lot of self-control and will power to go against what you want to do in order to make your kids happy?

    Seemed like this Dad didn't really get that memo, as he chose snagging a foul ball during a Dodgers game a few years back over holding onto his daughter.

    A move like this warrants socks as a gift every single year for Father's Day and Christmas until the daughter decides otherwise.

    Maybe he was just fearful of this kind of treatment, had he let the ball go by?

This Basketball Shot

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    This shot is absolutely nutty, and one that has about a 1/1,000,000,000 chance of actually happening.

    Yet somehow, this kid doesn't only manage to save the ball from going out of bounds with a behind the back attempt, it actually catches a piece of the net before swooping into the basket.

    This one is probably the all-time most unbelievable shot ever, but I'd be remiss if I didn't at least link up to this insane, full-court buzzer beater too as the level of difficulty is sky high.

Wisconsin Quarterback "Takes a Knee"

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    If you're a Wisconsin football fan, this one just has to sting.

    While the quarterback was definitely unorthodox in the way he took a knee to center the ball for a game-winning field goal, the Pac-12 officials completely botched the call, costing the Badgers the game.

    There have been some really bizarre endings to games before, but I can honestly say that never has one come down to the losing quarterback voluntarily taking a knee to run out the game clock—even if it wasn't the way the play was drawn up.

Eminem's Interview with Brent Musburger

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    As soon as you press "play" on this video, you'll realize that this interview is going to go very smoothly.

    While Brent Musburger is introducing the esteemed rapper, Eminem looks like he's ripped from something definitely illegal in any country, swaying and staring blankly into oblivion.

    Oh, but it gets worse.

    Once Em starts talking to the two commentators, it becomes pretty clear that all isn't right, so Kirk Herbstreit steps in and offers a save bigger than any one Mariano Rivera has ever made, suggesting they go to a break rather than listen to some bogus response.

    Thanks for saving us all, Kirk.

Girl Taking Selfie While Rushing Field

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    Rushing the field at a sporting event is always risky business, so when college baseball fans KayleighEmily and Torrie Hill did it at this year's College World Series, they didn't want to just imitate the others who have attempted it.

    Kayleigh actually made their attempt pretty damn epic.

    Once on the field, she didn't just take the cops on a chase; she actually took a selfie, posting it on Vine and other various social media outlets.

    Of course, the poor girls got busted. But if you go down, you might as well broadcast it for all your followers to see.

Football Helmet Stuck on Player

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    There have been helmets stuck to opposing helmets, helmets stuck to shoes and now helmets stuck to another player's jersey.

    While one would think this would be an easy fix, it actually was a little more difficult than everyone thought, as a screwdriver was actually needed to perform some work in getting the facemask off to remove the helmet.

    Bet that's the type of "surgery" no athletic trainer ever thought they'd have to perform.

A 4-Home Run Game

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    For those of you who don't get quite as giddy about baseball as Tim Kurkjian does, let me tell you something that's nuts about a four-home run game—it's only happened 16 times in the over 100-plus years of Major League Baseball.

    It's understandable, considering that getting the pitches to jack four balls over a fence in the same game is pretty much all luck.

    So the most recent player to accomplish it—Josh Hamilton back in May 2012—joined a list that might not be added to for a long, long time.

Manti Te'o Hoax

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    As one of college football's most decorated players last season, former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o seemed to have the storybook senior season.

    He finished second in the Heisman trophy voting—even though he was a defensive player. He led his team to a national title—though they got blown out by Alabama—and he had an inspiring story about playing for his Grandma and girlfriend.

    Well, at least he got one of the two right.

    Turns out Te'o was just a victim of a "Catfish" hoax, becoming the butt of jokes everywhere and inspiring an Internet meme poking fun of his "relationship."

    Dude, you went to Notre Dame. WTF are you doing "dating" some online girl you've never actually met?

Everton Goalie Tim Howard Scores 100-Yard Goal

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    With scoring already pretty low in the average soccer game, it's really rare to see a goalie ever get his name in the scoring category.

    So when Everton and U.S. national team goalie Tim Howard accomplished it back in 2012, it wasn't only surprising that his name was actually on the scoresheet, but that he got it there by burying a 100-yard shot from his own box.

    While the goal was cool and all, I'm sure he would have much rather taken the win—since he is paid to actually stop shots from going in.

Dock Ellis' No-Hitter on Acid

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    I've never taken acid or pitched a no-hitter, but I'd imagine both of them would be pretty difficult to do at the same time.

    Not for former Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis, though, who actually accomplished the feat back in 1970 while tripping on the psychedelic drug.

    Ellis might have walked eight batters—what do you expect, he was on acid—but that doesn't take away from arguably the most memorable no-hitter in Major League history.