Katherine Webb Denies Breaking Up with AJ McCarron

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterSeptember 20, 2013

A wave of reaction swept across social media on Friday morning after an Internet gossip site published a story claiming that AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb had officially broken up.


UPDATE: Friday, Sept. 20, at 10:55 ET

Webb has tweeted a vague message, presumably regarding the rumors about her breaking up with AJ McCarron.

This tweet appeared after her original tweet disputing the RadarOnline piece alleging she and the Alabama quarterback had broken up. 

At this point, it's difficult to tell what exactly is true and what isn't. Stay tuned for more details.

---End of update--- 


Original text continued: 

Hearts broke, men cheered, and it was all for nothing—well, it might be all for nothing. What began as a “sourced” and bronze-plated reality quickly turned into fabricated dust, or so it appears for now. Webb tweeted out a statement denying the rumor, but she has since deleted her tweet.

The pandaemonium began with RadarOnline, which reported that the Alabama quarterback and the former Miss Alabama had called it quits.

RadarOnline claimed it had spoken to Leslie Webb—Katherine’s mother—and that she had confirmed the breakup. The following is the conversation the site reported it had with Leslie.

“Yes, [they’ve broken up],” Leslie said. “Katherine’s just trying to stay real busy.”

Put simply, some people lost their minds over the report.

This information is false, according to Webb. The model-turned-television star quickly moved to quash the rumor, tweeting out that the site has harassed her family and no such breakup has occurred. She has since deleted the tweet for some reason, but the original message read:

@radar_online has called and harassed my family at their house multiple times. Their story is FALSE. Thank you.

So...who’s lying here? A gossip website or the person with the most intimate knowledge of the situation?

I'm leaning toward believing Webb, although the RadarOnline report was right about one thing—she has been very busy.

The national celebrity just recently appeared on the cover of Access Magazine alongside McCarron’s mother Dee Dee Bonner. The two were called “Football’s Femme Fatales,” and things appeared to be more or less the same business as usual for the quarterback’s leading ladies.

Image via Access Magazine
Image via Access Magazine

It’s hard to imagine a woman who is growing apart from her significant other choosing to do a full-spread photo shoot with her boyfriend's mother. Stranger things have happened, but it doesn’t help RadarOnline’s story.

Unless further evidence surfaces from other sources, the breakup appears to be a fabrication. This is why we can’t have anything nice on the Internet anymore.


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