The Fastest Players in World Football

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistSeptember 20, 2013

The Fastest Players in World Football

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    This week, Usain Bolt has been training with Sergio Aguero in an apparent attempt to wear the Argentinean out before the Manchester derby. 

    This may have simply been a high profile campaign from their mutual sportswear sponsor, but it got us thinking: Who are the fastest players in the game?

    To see our speedy findings, start flicking through our slideshow. Be quick, we're timing you...

Cristiano Ronaldo

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    The folks at Nike would have us believe that Cristiano Ronaldo is as quick as a Bugatti Veyron, which is the fastest road legal car in the world with a top speed of 267 mph.

    The tricky Portuguese star isn't quite that quick, but he was once found to have run 96m in ten seconds flat during a 2012 match with Atletico Madrid.  

Gabriel Agbonlahor

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    Aston Villa's Gabby Agbonlahor is one of the fastest players in the Premier League. The 26-year-old is thought to be capable of a 10.98-second 100m sprint, which may come in handy if he is ever accosted by a One Direction fan

    Agbonlahor isn't just fast with his feet: In 2008, it was reported that he impregnated three different girls at once

Gareth Bale

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    If you want to know how fast Gareth Bale is, ask Maicon. The Brazilian was made to look like he was 90 years old when Internazionale visited White Hart Lane in the Champions League in 2010. 

    During his Real Madrid debut against Villarreal, Spanish website La Sexta (via clocked the Welshman at nearly 25 miles per hour. That's impressively close to Usain Bolt's speed record of 27.79 mph. 

Aaron Lennon

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    Tottenham's 26-year-old winger Aaron Lennon is so fast that he even needed to shave some aerodynamic lines into his eyebrows to create more downforce.

    The diminutive Spurs star is renowned for his ability to get past the last man, and he puts his explosive pace down to plenty of practice drills in training, where he works on acceleration, foot speed and speed on the turn.

Ryo Miyaichi

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    After impressing on loan at Wigan, Arsenal's Japanese midfielder Ryo Miyaichi is speculated to get a bigger role at the Emirates this season, and with his phenomenal pace, it's easy to see why.

    Miyaichi is thought to have clocked a 100m time of 10.84 seconds while in high school. Judging by the pace he shows in the clip above, this doesn't appear to be an exaggeration. 

Theo Walcott

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    The Arsenal star giving Miyaichi a run for his money—quite literally—is Theo Walcott.

    The right-winger recorded a 100m sprint time of 11.52 seconds at the ripe age of 14 and can now cover that distance in 10.6 seconds. According to The Mirror, Walcott broke a 40m sprinting record that Thierry Henry had held at Arsenal for seven years.

Marvell Wynne

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    Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

    MLS defender Marvell Wynne was a track and field sensation during his school days and could have forged a career in sprinting. 

    In fact, in his senior year of high school, Wynne clocked a 100m time of 10.39 seconds, which is thought to be the fastest recorded time of a professional footballer. 

    Wynne plays for the most appropriately named team for a speed demon, the Colorado Rapids

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

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    Borussia Dortmund's oft-mispronounced winger Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is fast. Like, ridiculously fast.

    The French-Gabonese striker once covered 30 metres in a mere 3.7 seconds. That's faster than Usain Bolt ran at the start of his record-breaking 100m dash in Berlin in 2009.

    With speed like that, Aubameyang will certainly be helping Jurgen Klopp's side keep pace with Bayern in the Bundesliga this season.

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