10 WWE Superstars Who Need a Heel/Face Turn

Sharon GlencrossContributor ISeptember 20, 2013

10 WWE Superstars Who Need a Heel/Face Turn

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    A.J Lee, current Divas champion (from WWE.com)
    A.J Lee, current Divas champion (from WWE.com)

    There are quite a few performers in WWE who could be greatly aided by a heel or face turn right now.

    Whether it’s because they’re growing stale, stuck in the middle of the card or just being plain miscast, these guys and girls definitely need a major character change in the near-future.

    So, factoring in just how big an impact a turn would have on their careers, and the company as a whole, let’s have a look at the top 10 candidates to turn heel or face.

10. Kaitlyn

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    Kaitlyn needs a heel turn (from WWE.com)
    Kaitlyn needs a heel turn (from WWE.com)

    Following her disastrous and ill-received run as WWE’s top babyface Diva, is it time for Kaitlyn to turn heel? If nothing else it would be something new for the 26-year-old to do.

    The former Divas Champion has never actually played a bad girl in her wrestling career before. She might surprise everyone and turn out to be great in the role. And she truly has gone as far as a babyface as she can.

    Granted, this won't make a huge difference to the product one way or another, but it's still worth a shot.

9. Fandango

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    Fandango and Summer Rae 9from WWE.com)
    Fandango and Summer Rae 9from WWE.com)

    Truthfully, Fandango should have turned babyface the Raw after WrestleMania—the night it became clear the wrestler's act was taking off with audiences in a big way.

    His ridiculously catchy tune, outrageous outfits and dance moves have all the makings of a fun midcard act. No doubt fans are itching to cheer a beautiful woman like Summer Rae too.

    Being a disposable heel isn't a bad role for him, but the real potential seems to be him as a face.

8. Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston (from WWE.com)
    Kofi Kingston (from WWE.com)

    Kofi Kingston is stuck in lower midcard hell right now.

    Truthfully, this is where the wrestler has spent most of his career. So, is it time for WWE to finally turn the former Intercontinental champion heel?

    Well, why not?

    It’s not like the company—or Kingston—have anything to lose. Kingston has surely done everything he ever will as a good guy.

    And there would be the potential there for fresh feuds with guys like Daniel Bryan, Rob Van Dam and Mark Henry.

    Frankly, Kingston may never be a World champion, but he could clearly be doing a lot better in WWE than he is now.

7. Seth Rollins

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    Seth Rollins takes on Daniel Bryan on Raw (from WWE.com)
    Seth Rollins takes on Daniel Bryan on Raw (from WWE.com)

    Out of the three Shield members, it's Rollins that appears to have the most potential as a babyface character.

    The former ROH champion has a certain amount of charisma, a thrilling high-risk in-ring style and his promos are very respectable.

    Gone are the days when Ambrose was considered the only star of the trio.

    So why not have Rollins turn in this current storyline with The Corporation? He'll turn babyface sooner or later—might as well be sooner.

6. The Miz

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    The Miz at a Comic Con event (from WWE.com)
    The Miz at a Comic Con event (from WWE.com)

    After a decent—but not amazing—run as a babyface, it might be time for Mike “The Miz” Mizanin to turn back heel. It's a role the naturally loud and annoying 32-year-old thrives in. Fans are just very keen to boo him.

    Besides, with his nice expensive suits, designer shoes and immaculate grooming, he'd be well-suited to image-obsessed Corporation stable. You can just imagine Stephanie or Triple H recruiting him to the cause and noting the vast differences between him and the untidy, grungy-looking Daniel Bryan.

5. Big E. Langston

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    Big E. Langston, natural babyface (from WWE.com)
    Big E. Langston, natural babyface (from WWE.com)

    Following the end of his feud with Dolph Ziggler, bodyguard Big E. Langston seems to be at a loose end.

    So maybe a babyface turn will help put him back on the map?

    As anyone who saw the wrestler’s work on developmental show NXT can tell you, the man is actually a great good guy, coming off as likeable and positively radiating charisma. He may be totally miscast as a heel, in fact.

    And what would be a better way to turn the star than by having him be one of the wrestlers to stand up to The Corporation?

4. A.J. Lee

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    Following her superb work/shoot take down of the Total Divas cast on Raw several weeks ago—in which she was heavily cheered by fans despite being the heel—there's the potential for Lee to take off as a major babyface.

    She's pretty, charismatic and is easily one of the best female talkers WWE has ever had. The potential for her to be the next Trish Stratus or Lita is very much there, the company just has to use her correctly.

    Sure, you could say Lee is terrific in her current bad guy role, but how long can WWE ignore the pops she's been garnering?

3. CM Punk

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    Punk, natural bad guy
    Punk, natural bad guyDavid Banks/Getty Images

    As a babyface, Punk seems destined to be playing second-fiddle to the more popular Daniel Bryan. And, once his current feud with Paul Heyman inevitably ends, there doesn't appear to be a clear program set out for him.

    Punk has always been better as a whiny, loudmouth heel anyway. And can you imagine the shock waves felt around the world if the famously anti-authority star hooked up with The Corporation? That would be a great twist in this current angle.

2. The Big Show

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    The Big Show, cries a whole lot these days.
    The Big Show, cries a whole lot these days.Gallo Images/Getty Images

    Is anyone else getting tired of Big Show’s constant whining and weeping?

    He’s not coming up as a more sympathetic, tortured babyface, which is likely WWE’s aim. Indeed, the constant crying—he could drown arenas in those tears—just serves to make him more insufferable.

    You’re left wishing the guy would stand up to the McMahons once and for all, like a good babyface should, instead of meekly going along with it all.

    So, The Big Show absolutely needs to turn heel and wholly embrace The Corporation.

    It’s the only way to save his character. Maybe the giant could even reveal that he was, in fact, secretly aligned with Triple H and Stephanie the entire time. It would also massively change the dynamics of the current power-struggle angle. Suddenly, Triple H would have the world's largest athlete on his side.

1. John Cena

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    Will John Cena turn?
    Will John Cena turn?Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

    With Daniel Bryan fitting neatly into the role of Raw's top babyface, could John Cena finally turn heel upon his return to the company early next year?

    Hey, half the fan base is booing him anyway. And it is the natural progression of his character. A heel Cena could claim that he got sick of working so hard and being taken for granted. He could team with The Corporation—what a development that would be—and feud with Bryan.

    Considering the massive impact and ramifications that a Cena heel turn would have for the company, this surely deserves the top spot on this list.