Bengals Fans Ban Together to Rip Katy Perry Song from Stadium

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 20, 2013

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Tell us how you really feel. 

The Wall Street Journal's Kevin Clark, per Deadspin, reports Bengals fans were so incensed their team's apparent anthem was a hit Katy Perry song they complained until the team reversed its decision. 

Apparently, the team fell in love with the idea of using Perry's "Roar" throughout the game. You see, there is "roar" in the title and "champions" in the lyrics and animals in the music video. 

The only thing more obvious to stadium officials would be Perry writing a song called "Bengals" and having the members of the Bangles sing background. 

For the five of you who haven't heard the song, here is the music video. 

Sadly, fans weren't super-duper amped to hear Perry blare from the speakers as their team took the field, so they protested like a fat kid forced to eat his vegetables. 

And so the team has relented, via Clark. 

The Bengals—who on Monday unveiled Katy Perry's megahit "Roar" as a pregame, in-game and postgame song at Paul Brown Stadium—said on Friday that the song will no longer be featured as prominently.

It seems the soothing sounds of pop music were enough to drive some so mad they complained vehemently, even before the game ended. 

This is coming during an eventual win over the Steelers on Monday night, 20-10. We'd hate to think what an irate crowd would have done had the Bengals lost. 

Bengals director of sales and public affairs, Jeff Berding, explained officials understand where fans are coming from and will scale back their need to put Perry on the stadium speakers. 

I think some fans proved that there's an expectation that when the team takes the field, there should be more of a hard-rock, classic-rock song and I know that's what we're going to do this game. Katy Perry is not going to be the last song you hear before the team takes the field.

CINCINNATI, OH - OCTOBER 07:  Bengals fans celebrate after A.J. Green #18 of the Cincinnati Bengals (not pictured) scored a 4th quarter touchdown against the Miami Dolphins at Paul Brown Stadium on October 7, 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Dolphins won, 17
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You win, fond admirers of testosterone-fueled rock anthems. Judging by some of the comments in the report, it seems some fans want to rage before watching two teams play a rules-laden sport. 

The best has to be Mitchell Morgan, who offered, "I mean, I know what they are going for but it's not going to work. How can you think you can do something like that without any backlash? There were Steelers fans next to me laughing."

To be fair, it's hard to mosh in your specifically designated seats with Perry playing. 

Thankfully, the rock gods have been appeased. Perry will feature far less at Paul Brown Stadium. This one's a win for all those who love tradition, classic rock and harsh tunes that get you going. 

Sorry, Perry. You just aren't punk rock enough for these Bengals fans. 


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