Kenny Guiton Is Good, but a Healthy Braxton Miller Is Ohio State's Best Option

Andrew CoppensContributor ISeptember 21, 2013

Kenny Guiton set a school record with six touchdowns in one half of football on Saturday afternoon as Ohio State destroyed Florida A&M 76-0 in Columbus.

It wasn't the first time this season Guiton looked good either, as he blitzed California for 276 yards and four touchdowns last week in his first start of the season. 

Through two starts, Guiton has 10 touchdowns and 491 yards passing. He has 664 yards on 65-of-95 passing for the season. 

Those numbers have led some to speculate that Ohio State needs to stick with the hot hand and sit preseason Heisman front-runner Braxton Miller until Guiton proves he isn't worthy. 

Except, there is one major flaw in that line of thinking—Guiton managed to torch two terrible defenses in back-to-back weeks.

Its not as if he lit up a quality Big Ten squad for a ton of touchdowns or yards.

There's no doubt Guiton looks like a competent quarterback behind center, but there is a mountain of difference between doing that against the Rattlers of Florida A&M and doing it against a Big Ten defense, let alone the one who will be rolling into Columbus next weekend—Wisconsin. 

Cal is a team that goes into Week 4 of the season having given up more yards of offense to opponents than they've managed on offense themselves and teams have put up those yards in 59 fewer plays than the Golden Bears this season. 

The Florida A&M game was over before the players stepped on to the field and drawing any takeaways from that game going forward is simply not worthwhile. 

So, while Guiton has looked good, do we really know that he can win a football game in crunch time against a big time defense?

On the other hand, we do know that a healthy Braxton Miller has already proven his worth in big games and in pressure situations.

Let's not forget he took his team from behind against five different teams just last season and do we need to bring up his effort as a freshman against Wisconsin? 

We are also talking about a quarterback that had over 3,000 yards of total offense last season to set the school record

Point being, Miller has done it all and seen it all as a quarterback and if healthy there is no question that he gives the Buckeyes the best chance to win a football game.

All we know about Guiton is that he can torch two defenses that are nowhere near the level of defenses that Miller has topped in his career. 

Give me the guy who has proven himself time and again, as long as he is fully healthy. If not, Guiton has shown enough to earn the opportunity to prove himself against a better opponent—especially with all of the talent surrounding the quarterback position for the Buckeyes this season.

Either way, Ohio State is in an enviable position. Many other schools are struggling to find just one competent quarterback to lead their squads right now.


*Andy Coppens is the Big Ten Lead Writer. Follow him on Twitter for more Big Ten coverage.