NBA 2K14: Latest on Gameplay, Release Date, Soundtrack and More

Alex Kay@AlexPKayCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2013

2k Sports, TheScore
2k Sports, TheScore

NBA 2K14 arrives on the scene in exactly one week, and it appears to be the apex of the series’ offerings on the current generation of consoles.

While NBA 2K15 and possibly beyond are sure to hit the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, their successors—the Xbox One and Playsation 4—are where the focus will lie after this season.

It’s been an excellent run on this current crop of hardware—which began with NBA 2K6 on the 360—and should only get better on Tuesday, Oct. 1, when the latest installment hits stores everywhere.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect gameplay-wise, check out the complete soundtrack for the game and more.


Developer Diaries Reveal Gameplay Improvements

The latest info to leak out ahead of the release is a “Developer Diary” that focuses on the improvement of NBA 2K14’s gameplay across the board.

Improvement of the artificial intelligence is a key factor in creating a dynamic user experience that changes based on the situation at hand. The developers made adjustments here by incorporating more realistic moves to get to the basket, working to implement spacing on the court and adding movement away from the ball.

Basic things that have been missing—such as the ability to block dunks—are now here, and these minor additions are what truly has the game looking a lot better than in past years.

It’s unclear why the creators behind NBA 2K14 are pushing so hard to improve the quality and content of their game.

Perhaps Visual Concepts, the game’s developer, is feeling a tad threatened by EA Sports’ re-emergence into the basketball game world. Perhaps the publisher, 2K Sports, decided to up the ante after earning near unanimous praise for their previous games.

Whatever the reason is, you can tell that everyone is ecstatic about the latest round of changes and improvement to this series.


Soundtrack Is Stacked

LeBron James, this year’s cover athlete, was fortunate enough to give his blessing to NBA 2K14’s soundtrack.

According to the Associated Press (via, the Miami Heat superstar is the first in a long line of cover stars to choose the soundtrack.

Check out how he did below and have a listen courtesy of Spotify (via Sporting News):


My Team Back in the Fold

For those of you looking for a deeper experience than just playing exhibition games with your buddies, My Team is an option in NBA 2K14.

It’s a bit reminiscent of EA Sports’ popular Ultimate Team mode, in which users can now pay Virtual Currency for various pieces to build a franchise.

The mode began last year in NBA 2K13, but now players can customize everything from players to uniforms to stadiums. They can also compete in various tournaments sanctioned by 2K Sports, adding more depth to a game mode that is now jam-packed with activities.

For those of you that gave it a shot last year and came away less than impressed, it seems well worthwhile to give it another look next week.