Full Preview for WWE Main Event Featuring Curtis Axel and Justin Gabriel

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistSeptember 25, 2013


As usual, this week's episode of Main Event will feature three matches that are totally separate from the current feuds and programs.

The oddest thing about the matches set for this week is the pairing of Big E. Langston with Fandango.

Let's take a look at the matches that are scheduled for the show, spoiler-free.


The Usos vs. Big E. Langston and Fandango

The Usos need new competition apart from The Shield, but I have a hard time believing that WWE couldn't find a team to use and had to pair up Fandango and Big E. Langston.

All four men are very physical and talented, so hopefully their physicality will make up for the mismatched combination of opponents.

Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and Big E. will turn on Fandango and deliver a Big Ending after the match to put him down.


Big Show vs. Damien Sandow

Big Show is pissed, and Damien Sandow is going to suffer because of it. Sandow is the Money in the Bank holder, which is almost as good as a title, but the man has not been booked as a champion lately.

This match will likely end up as more of a squash match since Big Show is being booked as an angry giant who will be taking his frustrations out on Sandow.

Do not look for the MITB holder to get in any major offense, but it shouldn't be a total squash. 


Justin Gabriel vs. Curtis Axel

This match is one that has the potential to steal the show, but with the placement of the third match on the card, it seems likely that this will end up being a short match.

Justin Gabriel is a great competitor when he is in the ring with someone who is almost as quick as he is, and Axel fits that bill.

Too often we see Axel put in positions as the underdog, but this match should see him not only control most of the match, but probably come away with the win as well.

This week's show has the potential to produce some great matches. Which match are you most looking forward to on this week's episode of Main Event?


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