TUF 18 Episode 4 Results and Recap: Tension Continues, Women Throw Down

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistSeptember 25, 2013

Photo courtesy of ufc.com
Photo courtesy of ufc.com

The fourth episode of TUF 18 featured the second women's fight of the quarterfinals, with Jessica Rakoczy of Team Rousey taking on long-time vet Roxanne Modafferi of Team Tate. Rakoczy scored the upset with a second-round knockout of Modafferi due to a vicious slam and follow-up punch.

As with the last fight's pick, Team Tate chose that fight because Rakoczy had a shoulder injury that it wanted to exploit. She worked through that, using her quickness, footwork and overall explosiveness to tire Modafferi and score the win.

  • Modafferi is a less-skilled female version of Shinya Aoki when she fights. She closes the distance quickly while eating shots before scoring the takedown. From there, she works her top-game grappling. She truly is one of the toughest vets in WMMA.
  • Rakoczy getting off her back in the first round was impressive, especially considering the difference in grappling skills between her and Modafferi.
  • Who saw Rakoczy get off her back and avoid strikes while adjusting her shorts? That was as awesome as it was skillful. Her footwork and head movement may be second-to-none in this competition.
  • It really didn't make a huge difference in the end, but that referee really should have taken a point from Rakoczy. He warned her three times, and then the fourth time stopped the action and still did nothing! If you aren't going to back up your warnings, don't make them at all.
  • That finish was absolutely nasty. Roxanne clung onto Rakoczy in guard, but she was devastated with that brutal slam. She was totally out there, which shows the bad refereeing. That final punch was unnecessary, but it was what got the fight finally stopped. Rakoczy looks legit.


TUF 18 Rosters

Team RouseyTeam Tate
Shayna BaszlerJulianna Pena
Jessamyn DukeSarah Moras
Peggy MorganRaquel Pennington
Jessica RakoczyRoxanne Modafferi
Chris BealCody Bollinger
Davie GrantChris Holdsworth
Anthony GutierrezJosh Hill
Michael WoottenLouis Fissette


  • The confrontation between Dennis Hallman and Edmond Tarverdyan came from mean mugging. Yes, folks, mean mugging. If I confronted every person who give me a questionable look, I might never be able to leave the house in the morning.
  • Dana White's part in the potential throwdown is another reason why I think he is great for the sport. His comments to the media (h/t MMAJunkie.com) about how what they were doing was bad for the sport was reminiscent of what he told the guys on TUF 5 and why he kicked out Marlon Sims, Noah Thomas and Allan Berube.
  • Jessica's back story was super heartbreaking. I thought it was really hard to watch, but her background is just another reason why combat sports are so great. It was her escape and it probably saved her life.
  • Roxanne is kind of weird, but it is awesome. She is easily the most entertaining person on the show now that Tim Gorman is gone. Her personality is really infectious, though; how can you not root for her?
  • After the fight, Roxanne was all class. She had just been brutally knocked out by Jessica, but the only thing she was worried about was giving her a hug and congratulating her. That is one of the reasons I love this sport.
  • Shayna Baszler's back story about fighting Roxanne in Japan was great. It was also tough to see her break down with Roxanne, it sucked. Both are long-time vets of the sport and pioneers in their own respective ways. I hope they are successful at the finale.
  • Next week, Team Rousey picked Davie Grant to take on Louis Fissette of Team Tate. Who do you think will win? Vote in the poll!