Mr. Olympia 2013: Top Competitors Who Will Threaten Phil Heath's Title

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistSeptember 26, 2013

Mr. Olympia 2013: Top Competitors Who Will Threaten Phil Heath's Title

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    The 2013 Mr. Olympia competition begins Thursday, Sept. 26, and runs through Sunday, Sept. 29, and the event will feature the biggest names in the sport of bodybuilding.

    The two-time defending champion is Phil Heath, but unlike the competitions of yesteryear, the 2013 Mr. Olympia event will feature arguably the most impressive field in history.

    With several former world champions looking to dethrone the reigning king of muscle, Heath will face the toughest test of his bodybuilding career.

    There is no questioning how great the two-time defending champion is, but if he wants a third consecutive Sandow Trophy (awarded to the Mr. Olympia winner) he will have to earn it against the stiffest competition the event has ever featured.

    No pressure, right?


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Dexter Jackson

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    At 43 years old, Dexter Jackson is one of the oldest competitors to hit the stage this weekend, but he has all the experience needed to once again shock the sport and win another Mr. Olympia event.

    The 2008 Sandow Award winner also has four Arnold Classic titles and a Masters Olympia title on his resume, but he will be out-massed by his competition this year. While Jackson isn’t as big as the other athletes, he has the pure physique to contend for the top spot.

    Jackson’s biggest advantage will be the knowledge of exactly what the judges are looking for. Instead of focusing on his own agenda, the veteran will cater to those scoring the event and put himself in a position to contend for the win.

Shawn Rhoden

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    One of the best competitors in the field this year will be Shawn Rhoden. As the third-place finisher in the 2012 Mr. Olympia competition and a four-time winner last year, momentum has the 38-year-old star possessing utter confidence.

    While Rhoden lacks the elite size of some of the other competitors, his perfect mix of mass and conditioning makes him one of the best in the field. If Heath is going to win again, he will have to earn it against the likes of Rhoden.

    Just as Jackson will use his experience to cater to those scoring the event, bodybuilding fans will enjoy the style and routine "Flexatron" brings to the stage in order to impress the judges.

Kai Greene

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    After finishing in second place at the 2012 Mr. Olympia competition to Heath, 38-year-old bodybuilder Kai Greene is ready to once again challenge for the Sandow Award.

    Greene is one of the biggest competitors in the field in terms of muscle mass (5’8” and around 250 pounds during training), and his impressive physique makes it easy for the judges to give him top scores.

    With the nickname "The Predator" and his long braided hair, Greene is easily one of the most entertaining athletes in the field and will make this competition memorable with a great routine that wows the crowd.

Jay Cutler

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    While Cutler missed last year’s competition and turned 40 years old in August, the four-time Mr. Olympia champion is back this year to give Heath the biggest competition he has ever faced.

    Cutler is the ultimate variable in this year’s event. While there is a chance he could come back in lackluster shape and not contend for the win, this is a perennial champion that has eight career top-two finishes in the Mr. Olympia contests.

    Not only will Cutler return to the event he helped put on the map, but he will also come back in the best shape of his life and give Heath the biggest challenge of his bodybuilding career.

    If Cutler hits the stage in the best possible shape, there is a chance that he could stun the entire field and walk away with his fifth Sandow Award.