Yasiel Puig Gets Off Easy with Gumby Costume in Dodgers' Rookie Hazing

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 27, 2013

Yasiel Puig has been the hero, the goat and everything in between this season.

On Thursday, he was Gumby. 

Busted Coverage happened upon some brilliant images coming from Puig's Instagram and the Los Angeles Dodgers' Twitter feed. 

You see, it's the last week of the season, which means it's time for the vets from every team to dress up (or down) their rookies—something the Oakland Athletics seem to have done best this year. 

Amidst a mid-week series with the San Francisco Giants, the Dodgers players took out some time to make their rookies look ridiculous. As with everything this season, Puig stole the show with his Vin Scully-accompanied photo.

You remember Gumby, don't you? The plastic and pliable, um, thingy. 

But there's so much more. Here is Scott Van Slyke rocking the sexy nurse outfit—a must for any Halloween party as well as the team bus. 

Here is Hyun-Jin Ryu wearing the costume of the scariest thing that Ghostbuster Ray Stantz could think up. 

And here is the whole gang looking like they were cast for the wacky train scene from Trading Places

Photo Credit: Yasiel Puig Instagram
Photo Credit: Yasiel Puig Instagram

Even the rookie-hazing portion of the season was great for Puig. He got to dress up in what looks to be a comfortable costume and once again remind himself that he knows the greatest broadcaster in the business. 

Gumby is a fitting character for MLB's most electric rookie. On one night, Puig can look like he has no grasp of the game, running when he shouldn't and missing cutoff men by a mile. At other times, he looks like Roy Hobbs of The Natural

He is equal parts Vladimir Guerrero and Bo Jackson—swinging, hacking and making unbelievable plays. We have enough games to fit him into a mold, but none would contain him. 

Gumby is as good a comparison as any we have seen this season, and Puig wears it rather well. 


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