The Golden State Solution

C-SalContributor IMay 20, 2009

Now before I begin, let me just remind you that I’m talking about the Golden State Warriors.  Yes, the same Warriors that have missed the post season 15 of the last 16 seasons.  A franchise that had some sort of twilight zone success a few years back but is now back home where they belong, the cellar of the league.  Ahhh, the bed is still warm, it’s like we never left.

You know I’m leaning towards blaming my parents for the pain I feel for my struggling sports franchises.  I mean is it too much to ask to let's say, oh I don’t know, move to Boston when I was a child so sports success isn’t a distant dream? 

But alas, growing up in the Bay Area has subsequently made me a fan of not only our beloved Warriors, but also the Giants, 49ers, and Sharks, so I've had my share of pain but that is a whole other story, a whole other article, for a whole other day.

So now back to the business at hand.  Earlier today we found out the Warriors will pick seventh in this year's NBA Draft (any fan foolish enough to think we were going to move up can put away your rabbit’s foot). 

Aside from the top two picks, the draft is widely considered to be wide open with talent.  So, now honestly ask yourselves; do the Warriors really need another rookie on this already young roster?  I think not. 

The following is what should happen over the next few months.  If there is any hope for this franchise going forward, I believe this summer has plenty to do with it.

As much as I would like to start this off by getting Cohan and Rowell out of town, that’s not going to happen.

First off, this whole solution revolves around the major 2010 free agent class that many teams are saving up for.  The Warriors have needed an impact power forward for years and this has to be the time to pull the trigger. 

Unless Larry Riley was lying on KNBR, there is at least some interest in our young players and that’s what this makes the following moves possible.

Of the three impact power forwards on the market (Amare, Boozer, and Bosh), Bosh is the one I most favor. 

Everyone and their mother knows Bosh will not re-up with the Raptors after this season.  You offer the seventh pick, Anthony Randolph, Marco Belinelli, and Jamal Crawford for Bosh. 

Not only do the Raptors end up with two picks in the top 10 but they get a young stud in AR and a solid perimeter defender/shooter in Marco.  I believe this is the best the Raptors could get for CB4.

The other move you make is the one we have heard of recently.  With the Clippers' new found wealth with the first pick, rumor has it some players might be expendable and, given the way Mr. Davis played last year, he seems to be the likely candidate. 

Can any of you tell me with a straight face that you wouldn’t trade Maggette for Baron, a trade that was rumored to be offered to the Warriors earlier this year?

With these two blockbuster moves I believe the Warriors would jump from the cellar to possibly a fifth or sixth seed in the western conference. 

You run a starting line up of Davis, Monta, Jackson, Bosh, and Biedrins.  You have solid players in Buike, Morrow, Wright, and Turiaf backing them up.  How can these moves not help Golden State?   

You would be acquiring an impact point whose best years were playing in Nellie’s system and a big man to score in the post when the jumpers are not falling.  Warrior fans deserve the type of hype and hope that these moves would bring.  The Warriors have too great of a fan base not to be rewarded for their loyalty.

Now I am no GM so I know it’s easier said then done.  You make the Bosh deal only, and I mean only, if he agrees to a contract extension.  In no way do you give up Randolph for one year of Chris Bosh.  Listen, I love Randolph as much as the next guy, but power forwards who get 20/10 a night don’t come along every day.

I know I'm cursed for loving the Warriors.  I believe we all are.  Who knows, maybe I did something unspeakable in my previous life but I’m begging you Warriors, do something meaningful while I still have hope, while I still have optimism, while I still look at the glass as half full.