Wolverine Quarterbacks: 2009 Season Preview

David MendenhallCorrespondent IMay 20, 2009

The Michigan QB situation has been one of the most talked about subjects in college football this spring. The most hype came from Tate Forcier. Everyone couldn't wait to see him on the field. Then when Nick Sheridan got hurt, all of the hype went to Tate.

We also have David Cone, but he will never give up his baseball cap for a helmet. Then we have Denard Robinson coming to Michigan this summer. Denard is known for his track meet times. He should add some depth and speed to the quarterback position. Here are the guys at the quarterback spot.


Tate Forcier - 6'1" 187

Tate is a very athletic quarterback. He is a passer that can run. One of his biggest strengths is his accuracy. He can put the ball where only the receiver can get it. And whenever a play breaks down, he is not afraid to take off and run. He should be the starter once the Western game comes up.

Tate does need to work on putting on a little weight. Other than that I think he will do pretty good this year. His surrounding cast will make his process easier. I think that Tate is the guy for us, but he is a freshman and will make some freshman mistakes. Look for Tate to be confident and ready to go for the Wolverines this season. Oh and did I mention that he can actually hit the running back on a bubble screen.



Denard Robinson - 6'0" 185

The word speed comes to mind everytime I hear Denard's name. He is a well-known track star and football player in Florida. Denard is a pretty solid football player. His throwing accuracy is one of the only things I have found that he really needs to work on. He seems to feel when the defense is closing in. He can make a lot of things happen out of nothing.

I believe Denard will be on the field this year, but only as a backup. He is going to have a lot of catching up to do this fall. I think he will be used for the wildcat formation and some trick plays. He has too much talent to not be on the field. Look for Denard to see some playing time, but he won't be our starting quarterback.



Nick Sheridan - 6'1" 220

Well, there is not much I can say about Nick Sheridan. Everybody saw what he could do last season. He was faster than Threet but he was very inaccurate. Most of the time he seemed to be lost. He did show some glimpses of being good during the Minnesota game.

I really believe that Nick will be more of a mentor for the younger quarterbacks. He probably won't see the field unless something drastic happens to Tate or Denard. I think you will see Nick on the sidelines with Cone in a baseball cap. Look for Sheridan to ride out his career on the sidelines. He lost any chance to start when he got hurt and Tate took over the first team.


David Cone - 6'7" 222

There really isn't too much to say about the Coner. He is a frankenstein on the sideline sending in the plays. He showed during the spring game that he was probably worst than Threet. He also will be a teacher to the younger guys and if that fails, he has a chance to be a rapper. There is a video out there of Cone rapping. When I get it I will post it. It seems he is already seeking another career.


In my opinion, Tate will be the starter for the season. Denard will be used in special plays, and Sheridan and Cone will not see action this season. Look for Tate and Denard to be like Leak and Tebow. A two-headed monster. GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!