Yellow Card of the Week: Fernando Torres, the Chelsea Striker Who Would Be a Cat

Will TideySenior Manager, GlobalOctober 2, 2013

I'm a big fan of Fernando Torres. I loved his work at Liverpool and I've loved his work ethic at Chelsea, where he's shown real strength of character to rise above the jibes and continue to strive.

But last weekend against Tottenham he let himself down. El Nino was riled and he drew his nails across Jan Vertonghen's face, like an unruly five-year-old in a playground.

It was not his finest moment. Torres was lucky not to be sent off, though his marching orders arrived a little later all the same.

Nonetheless, he is still deserving of this week's yellow card. If you're going to raise your hands, at least throw a punch, Fernando. Nobody wants to see scratching or hair-pulling on the football field.