FIFA 14: Young Prospects With Highest Growth Potential

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIOctober 4, 2013

image from FIFA 14
image from FIFA 14

Whether you're playing Ultimate Team or a career mode as a manager in FIFA 14, knowing the young players with this most potential is helpful. If you want to win now, controlling clubs like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Manchester United and other powerhouses is the quickest route. 

However, if you want to have sustained success, you need to target players who have a high capacity for growth. Ideally, these youngsters would be serviceable enough to play effectively during their maturation process, but sometimes, you’ll have to let them sit while they grow into potential stars.

Here’s a look at the players in FIFA 14 who have the most potential for improvement. Ratings per FIFA 14:


Shaquille Hunter, Left Midfielder, Bristol Rivers

Current Rating—51

Potential Rating—79

The 18-year-old Englishman is only rated a 51 currently, but his potential rating of 79 leaves a ton of room for growth. The 28-point margin between where he is now and where he could end up is the biggest in the game.

He already has an agility and balance rating of 81 and an acceleration mark of 84. As he gets older, these ratings should increase a bit. Most notably, his low skill marks should see a boost. He’s one to watch on the transfer market, as his contract expires in 2014.


Jacob Murphy, Left Midfielder, Norwich City

Current Rating—53

Potential Rating—80

Another 18-year-old with a ton of potential is Norwich City’s Murphy. His upside is a touch higher than Hunter’s, and he's a little more effective right now. 

Murphy's raw physical skills don’t immediately jump out at you. His highest rating in any such category is a 79 in sprint speed. While that could develop into the mid-to-high 80s in the next two seasons, he’ll never top at Norwich as a speedster.

What is encouraging about Murphy is his shot power (60) and finishing ratings (62). Those numbers won’t do much for you now, but they are high considering his age. He could become a solid midfielder in the near future. His contract expires in 2015.


Andrew Dawber, Goalkeeper, Accrington Stanley

Current Rating—47

Potential Rating—74

The goalkeeper with the most potential for improvement is Accrington’s Dawber. He’s only rated a 47 right now, and though his potential rating makes him less than elite, it's serviceable in the higher levels of the sport.

At only six feet tall, he doesn’t have elite size for his position, but he does boast decent diving (52 rating) and reflex (54 rating) marks. He could provide solid depth for your club by playing behind your best keeper down the road.


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