Metta World Peace Plans to Release Malice at the Palace Book Next Summer

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistOctober 7, 2013

Metta World Peace is up to his old book-writing antics again.

During an interview with the New York Post, World Peace told Steve Serby he has written a book on his involvement in "Malice at the Palace," which is due out next summer.

"I wrote a book about it, son," he said when asked to describe the brawl. "I think I’m gonna wait to talk about it. But I wrote a book about that whole experience."

This isn't World Peace's first foray into the writing industry. Previously, he released a children's book entitled: "Metta's Bedtime Stories."

What will his next book cover look like  (via
What will his next book cover look like (via

Hopefully I represent the vast majority of the world when I write: His latest endeavor better not be a story for kids.

If it is, he must come up with some adolescent-friendly metaphors to describe the situation. Speaking of pillow fights and Sonic Booms instead of pummeling fans would be a must. Authentic imagery and video would have to be replaced with some G-rated clips as well.


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Photo via

In all seriousness, I'm really not surprised World Peace is traveling down this road again. I'm actually astounded the always-candid, perpetually eccentric, sometimes-coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs veteran didn't do it sooner. 

The incident in question took place in 2004 when World Peace was actually Ron Artest and his reputation was that of a gritty defender with a short fuse. After being suspended 73 games for charging into the stands and battling fans, he was portrayed as more of a reckless thug.

Not until he changed his name in 2011 to Metta World Peace did his rep truly begin to morph into what it is now. Knowing how open he has become, it's a wonder this book wasn't dropped sooner. 

This is the same guy who has discussed everything from amnestying his jeans to pet rhinos, among other things, on Twitter. In between all those whimsically arbitrary musings, surely he could have found time to pen a memoir of that night.

Oh well, at least we'll get what I can only assume is his uncensored side of the story soon enough. I fully expect there to be plenty of unicorn, shirtless-Shakespeare reading and popcorn-in-mayo references within in it.

Be sure to follow him on Twitter just in case he relays any pre-order information, since I imagine everyone will want to get their hands on this future Pulitzer prize-winning genius as soon as possible.