WWE WTF: Hulk on a Wrecking Ball, Los Matadores Big Debut and More

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistOctober 8, 2013

WTF is Hulk Hogan doing on a wrecking ball? How did Los Matadores fare in their debut? Did Battleground go off without a hitch, or did WWE battle through technical difficulties?

Hulk Hogan became the latest public figure to spoof Miley Ray Cyrus’ controversial “Wrecking Ball” video as the highly commercialized legend swung half-naked from a wrecking ball. The publicity stunt was done to promote “Hostamania.com.” Whoever had that brilliant idea should never work in advertising again.

Los Matadores finally debuted following weeks of TV vignettes. The gimmick may have some legs, four to be exact. Primo and Epico will now be known as Diego and Fernando, and the duo will be accompanied by a little person dressed as a bull (El Torito) each week on Raw. As long as you’re working in the recession, you really can’t complain. But in this scenario, nobody would blame Primo or Epico for being saddled with this gimmick. Olé.

WWE Battleground was not without its share of controversy, both manufactured and unplanned. Moments before the main event, a power outage inside the First Niagara Center caused a momentary delay. Of course the technical difficulty was subject to ridicule on Twitter, but given how that pay-per-view actually finished, the power outage may have been better.

All this and more on a kid-tested, mother approved episode of WWE WTF!