Finding Roles for WWE Superstars Who Rarely Appear on TV

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 10, 2013

Finding Roles for WWE Superstars Who Rarely Appear on TV

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    Photo: WWE
    Photo: WWE

    Daniel Bryan is in a battle with Triple H's regime, John Cena prepares for a world title bout with Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk continues his quest for revenge, but what of the WWE Superstars who are almost never on TV?

    Not every wrestler on the roster can be in the main event, but they each have talents and abilities that go to waste if they are never used.

    Just because Yoshi Tatsu or JTG aren't going to be in a WWE Championship match at WrestleMania doesn't mean that either Superstar doesn't have something to offer the company. There are roles as hired guns, tag team partners and authority figures awaiting men like Tatsu, Curt Hawkins and David Otunga.

David Otunga: Onscreen Attorney

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    WWE briefly had David Otunga in his ideal role, playing the parasite attorney who played favorites to the company's heels. He was heavily involved in the Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio feud in 2012, but he hasn't been around since.

    Playing on people's natural loathing of lawyers is brilliant.

    Otunga's real-life legal background is a perfect vehicle for his mic skills and sleazy charisma. Have him try to get villainous champions advantageous matchups and stipulations that favor them. Have him try to cheat babyfaces and draw ire in the process.

    Otunga isn't adept enough in the ring to be major player as a Superstar, but as a manager, advocate and general thorn in folks' side, he can flourish.

Hunico and Camacho: Tag Team Contenders

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    When WWE creates a Tag Team Turmoil match with a shot at the tag team championships on the line and is forced to include comedy teams like Tons of Funk and 3MB, there's clearly an issue with depth in the division.

    Jobbers and comic-relief squads have their place, but the more competitive and viable teams around, the better.

    Hunico and Camacho are rugged and intimidating enough to make the audience believe in them. They can either be an obstacle for The Prime Time Players and The Usos or balance out the division by turning face.

    The Real Americans, the Wyatt Family and The Shield need opposition that doesn't include guys that shake their booty or play air guitar in the ring.

    Hunico and Camacho have a previous relationship and are versatile enough in the ring to offer WWE some quality matches. They are both brawlers, acrobats, and too good to just be forgotten about completely.


JTG: Midcard Championship Challenger

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    R-Truth will get his second straight shot at the Intercontinental Championship on Friday's SmackDown while JTG is relegated to appearing on Superstars. Is R-Truth that much better than JTG?

    Whoever may be holding the IC title and the United States Championship needs a constant string of challengers trying to pull the belt off their waist and JTG can be built up to serve that role perfectly.

    He's brash, athletic and comes in with a chip on his shoulder.

    Have him compete in matches that determine the No. 1 contender for either midcard title and every so often, break through as the one who takes on the champ.  With Raw and SmackDown so focused on the marquee Superstars' storylines, the IC and U.S. champs don't get much in the way of stories with their rivals.

    To make up for that, JTG and guys like him can compete in Triple Threat or Fatal 4-Way matches with those championships on the line.

    Axel could certainly use bigger names coming after his title at pay-per-views, but JTG taking him on during the weeks leading up to that would be beneficial for both challenger and champion.



Yoshi Tatsu: Lovable Loser

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    If WWE is convinced that Yoshi Tatsu isn't any better than a bottom feeder, why not turn that position into a way to create pathos?

    Tatsu is a likable, hard-working speedster who works so infrequently that it's easy to forget that he's still with the company.

    Instead of just not using him on TV, WWE could work an angle where he goes on a long losing streak. He has a chance in every match, but something prevents him from winning each time, whether it be a mistake or getting cheated in some way.

    Along the way, Tatsu can show guts and heart and become the Superstar the crowd roots for with fervent passion. Once he gets that eventual upset win, a normally ordinary match is made into a tremendous moment.


Ezekiel Jackson: Enforcer

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    Ezekiel Jackson's strengths lie in his power and physique. He's an intimidating presence who sits on the very end of WWE's bench.

    Without asking him to turn out five-star, 30-minute matches, WWE can make use of his talents as someone's bodyguard or enforcer.

    Jackson can thrive being what Luke Gallows was for CM Punk and what Tomko was for Christian. Alberto Del Rio would love to have some hired muscle accompany him to the ring. Perhaps Damien Sandow brings him in as "protector of the case."

    Using him for shorts bursts of aggression and for sending his employer's enemies through tables is far better than having him sit backstage.


Curt Hawkins: Tag Team with Zack Ryder

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    When he was with Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins had momentum building. Reks retired and Hawkins has since floated around, either serving as enhancement talent or not doing anything at all.

    As mentioned in the Hunico and Camacho slide, the tag team division is occupied by a number of comedy teams and needs more legit contenders.

    Zack Ryder and Hawkins have a history together and Ryder is in need of a change as well. A lot has changed since these men were tag team champions and WWE can play on that.

    Ryder could approach this reunion with distrust, seeing that Hawkins and him have both evolved as people. Whenever Hawkins uses underhanded tactics, Ryder could disapprove, chew his partner out but ultimately let it slide because he enjoys the feeling of winning too much.

    This volatile partnership would benefit both men and the tag team division would improve its versatility by adding them.